Introducing… Stéphane Lachance!

As a way to let you get to know each of our contributors off the bat, we’ll be posting a little bit about each of us and our television preferences over the next week or so. Enjoy! ~ R. Lackie, ed.

Stéphane Lachance, Writer

Being a TV addict, It’s only natural that Stéphane Lachance would have something to say about television. A second year student at Ryerson University’s School of Radio and Television Arts, he’s interested in digital media and writing and loves comedies and dramas. As well as the shows themselves, he’s interested in discussing more “behind-the-scenes” topics, particularly relating to how we get TV shows. Follow what he’s doing at and follow him on twitter @snowy2004. In Stéphane’s own words…

Top 5 Television Characters

5) Light Yagami, Death Note: The protagonist of Japanese anime series Death Note who uses a supernatural power to kill those he believes to be in the wrong. I think he deserves a place here. Sure, he might come across as a prick. But damn, just like Ben Linus (see below), it takes a lot of sheer smarts to kill people (admittedly, for the greater good) and still be a likable character.

4) Dr. Gregory House, House: It’s House! Do I really need to explain? A bitter genius who hates everyone. Now, that’s quality television!

3) Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report: A real clueless, self-centered idiot. That isn’t exactly “Top Character” material but the magic behind Colbert comes from the fact that he’s supposed to be that way and that it’s funny when he is.

2) Benjamin Linus, LOST: This guy is insane. But a kind of “insane” that is simply awesome. He can cause the genocide of dozens of people or kill your favorite character and still come out of it seeming amazing… and creepy. Note that I haven’t elected him to be killed by a bus below despite being very much deserving of such an award.

1) The Doctor, Doctor Who: Could there be another number one? Sure, he changes his face and personality from time to time. He’s also sometimes not himself (or whatever idea of “himself” you’ve made up). But he can travel through time and space while making quirky comments.

Top 5 Shows of the Last Decade

5) Chuck: This isn’t really a remarkable show. It’s pretty much a spy procedural with a somewhat interesting twist: A computer technician gets a supercomputer stuck in his head and needs to be protected by two spies. Actually, writing it out like that makes it all sound worse. But trust me: You’ll love it. You get fun action when Chuck, the aforementioned technician, goes out on a mission and you get simply ridiculous, but ultimately entertaining laughs from the crew back at the Buy More where Chuck works as a Nerd Heard tech.

4) Death Note: A seriously smart and engaging show. An intelligent student named Light finds a notebook that gives him the power to kill whoever, and in whatever manner, he wants as long has he knows their name and can picture them in his mind. He decides to use the book but only on people who have done wrong. Someone is chosen to find and stop Light, a faceless detective who is only known as L. What happens afterwards is probably the most fascinating war of two minds you have ever seen.

3) Avatar: The Last Airbender: First off: No, this is not like the movie AVATAR. This is about the journey of a young boy named Aang who needs to fulfill his destiny as the Avatar: a master of the elements, in a world govern by four factions, each based either on fire, air, water or earth. Conflict arises when the Fire Nation decides to expand and invade the land of the other 3 factions. After getting frozen for 100 years, Aang discovers that the Fire Nation had the time to kill every single member of his own faction, the Air Nomads, except himself. While the show is aimed to children (it is a Nickelodeon show), the story is so epic and well told that I’m sure you’d enjoy it.

2) Doctor Who: Oh, Doctor Who. When I first heard about it, I was sure I wouldn’t like it. That is, until the third season of the remake when the CBC had the smarts to post episodes online. Then, I got hooked. It’s the story of an alien who looks like a human – a time lord named The Doctor, who travels time and space for fun, adventure, and frequently and inadvertently saving all of the universe. What makes the series special is the fact that you can be in present day London in one episode and be on a distant planet in the future the next. This isn’t some bad Star-Trek-like sci-fi. It’s diverse and entertaining.

1) LOST: It’s confusing, complicated and just amazing. If I need to explain what it is about… 1) you’ve been living under a rock for a few years and 2) I couldn’t explain it to you even if I had to. I see LOST as an experience more than just a TV show. It may be the only show with a story that I don’t except to be coherent or understandable and despite this, I don’t mind. Why? Because it is epic, captivating, has great characters and despite making little sense, the story is still well told.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure

TMZ. Yes, the show about the latest finds by the video paparazzi. And, I love it! I could care less about who’s dating who or whatever. However, I do love the dynamics that exist between the TMZ crew as well as the hilarious comments they and the announcer have regarding the clips they play.

Character I’d Most Like to See Get Hit By a Bus

Ben Mulroney. I don’t know. I find him annoying-looking and… What? He’s not? He’s for real? Really? Well, I don’t know, then. There isn’t a character that I hate enough to kill. Sure, I have a character I’d want to give a slap to from time to time, but that’s different.

TV Character You’d Most Like to Hang Out With

Morgan Grimes from Chuck. He’s your typical fun loser but a faithful friend. Plus, he wouldn’t have to go off on an “install” for the “Nerd Herd” all the time like Chuck. I might have chosen The Doctor but hanging with him is typically life-threatening.

Coming Up Soon…

I will be posting a few articles here and there before reviewing the new episodes of Doctor Who when they hit Canada in April.

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