Introducing… United States of Tara

United States of Tara (Showtime)

What is it?: A dark Showtime ‘traum-com’ comedy about Tara Gregson (Toni Collette), a mother of two with multiple personality disorder. From Diablo Cody, writer of Juno, and Steven Spielberg.

Who’s in it?:

Toni Collette as Tara Gregson: Our lead character, a woman who is kind but often overwhelmed by life’s difficulties. Her life is deeply affected by her Disassociative Identity Disorder, which manifests in a number of personalities (‘alters’), primarily sexually voracious teenager T, prim and devious housewife Alice, and hard-drinking Vietnam vet Buck.

An example of where this gets funny; when their son Marshall is in trouble for disrespecting his teacher, Alice decides to offer her services to help him. Her interplay with guest star Tony Hale here is one of season one’s standout scenes:

The cast is rounded out by John Corbett as Max Gregson, Keir Gilchrist as Marshall Gregson, Brie Larson as Kate Gregson and Rosemary DeWitt as Charmaine Craine.

Coming Soon…

The second season premiered last night, March 22 2010. We’ll have a post reacting to each episode a day or two after each airs, starting with tonight’s reaction to “Yes”. Enjoy!

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