Doctor Who, “The Eleventh Hour” (5.01)

So to sum up: Matt Smith is great as The Doctor, Amy Pond might be an even better character than the 11th Doctor and remember: clean your Internet history before letting The Doctor use your computer. It’s just good manners. Review of “The Eleventh Hour” follows after the jump…

Let’s break this one down in parts…

How’s the Story?

The episode here is more or less just a playground for the characters to play in. That’s not to say the story is bad. It’s just there to let The Doctor and Amy run about and meet each other though time. The more important things to retain regarding the story and Prisoner Zero is his/her apparent knowledge about the “Silence.” It’s a rather obvious story arc that’s about to shape up. Certainly less subtle but more fascinating is the odd little detail on Mr. Williams’ nurse badge The Signal‘s editor Bob Lackie pointed out (while passing this link with extra analysis). While The Doctor’s comments about the duck pond (“Then, how do you know it’s a duck pond?”) might seem odd in the story or simply an example of his character, I think it may be call to fans to not assume anything and question everything in the show.

As for the writing, I must say I’m surprised and happy at the funny, not-for-kids comments throughout the episode. “Kiss-o-gram” is clearly code for birthday stripper and everyone old enough knows exactly what Jeff was checking out on his laptop when the Doctor came in to get it.

There’s also a few references to the recent Doctor Who past as well: the Shadow Proclamation and perception filters. You also have, once again, a wimpy boyfriend à la Mickey. It is little stuff but it’s fun to spot as a fan.

How’s the Doctor?

Yeah, he’s good. The Eleventh’s Doctor food cravings and tantrums were classic! He seems a bit quirky and clumsy, with his rather sizeable miscalculations regarding his visits with Amy. However, you shouldn’t make your final impressions of a new Doctor so soon after a regeneration. He also appears to be a bit of a renegade, seeing how he pretty much stole his new outfit.

How’s the Companion?

The Doc may have met his match. No amount of food mood swings can top someone who’s ready to play dress up and handcuff you just as you’re trying to save her or who will tie-cuff you to a car just as you’re trying to save the world. You can’t hate someone who prays to Santa Clause as a child.

And it seems one again we have a runaway bride, this time a bit more willing than Donna (who, I must agree with Bob, I’d love to see team up with Amy).

In Conclusion

It’s a good episode and a great showcase of the characters. It seems we may have some goofy, fun times ahead… or so I thought. I screwed up and watched the next episode, “The Beast Below,” before starting this review and my views have changed. I promise I won’t will try not to do it again. It’s nothing bad but I’ll keep my comments for the next review.

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