Doctor Who, “Victory Of The Daleks” (5.03)

Guess who’s back to bother The Doctor and Earth? Read the review after the jump…

How’s the Doctor?

He goes to town on that Dalek! He is seriously angry. I think we might have a good combination with Matt Smith: He’s odd and witty like David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor but has some anger in him like Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor. I always was annoyed by The Tenth Doctor’s peace-loving nature. I’m glad to see The Eleventh Doctor is a bit less of a wuss but still has some humour in him – trying to save the world with a Peek Freans!

How’s Amy?

Once again, Amy saves the day. Seriously, The Doctor needs to realize quickly how invaluable she is. I did detect some vague references to some possible affection Amy has for The Doctor (beyond her childhood obsession with him). I’m not sure if I’m happy about this or not. It does make sense, sure, but it’s been done with Rose and Martha in the past. I feel like a break is still needed for the time being.

How’s the Story?

It was alright. The Dalek’s plan for dealing with England, and Earth, was okay, but there just wasn’t enough straight and simple Dalek action in this episode. Obviously, its true purpose was just to set up further adventures to come.

However, the weird happenings with Time this season are starting to take a clearer shape. Once again, there was a crack… but more importantly, Amy had no clue who the Daleks were, something she should know if she were from “now” in the Doctor Who timeline. The Doctor realizes this full well and I hope we get to the bottom of this soon. I’m starting to wonder if the TARDIS’ frequent miscalculations regarding time are due not to its own recent regeneration but that it might have to do with this current story arc.

In Conclusion

It was a good enough Doctor Who episode. A “Planet of The Dead,” if you will. I’m still standing behind the fact that Amy is as clever if not, dramatic pause, more clever than The Doctor, and I wait to be proven otherwise.


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