Doctor Who, “The Time Of Angels” (5.04)

We meet the Weeping Angels as well as River Song once again. Come and see the review after the jump… Come and See…

How’s The Doctor?

Once again, we see both sides of The Doctor: His comedic side, for example when he tries to reproduce the sound the TARDIS does when he lands it, and his action hero side, shown perfectly with the episode’s epic ending monologue. We also have people moralizing with The Doctor: The bishop, talking about how he’ll have to deal with his mens’ death even when The Doctor’s gone, and the Angel, when he talks of Bob’s death. It reminded me of how on House everyone, from his staff to his patients, analyses Dr. House and tells him what’s wrong with him. Yeah, I’m kind of tired of stuff like that. I hope they don’t do too much of that here.

How’s Amy?

And again, she’s clever and finds a way out of her near-death experience with the Angel’s image. I hope The Doctor stops babysitting her and lets her help him. As for the last episode’s allusions to a possible relationship between them, I’m a bit less worried now that I see how she reacts to River Song. In any case, Amy and The Doctor make great friends.

How’s River Song?

Everyone’s favourite mystery is back! Well, in any case, I, personally, am certainly glad to see her. I hope she becomes a recurring character on the show (If they want to make sense out of her storyline, it would be hard not to have her back). I wouldn’t mind a season/series of her as The Doctor’s companion. You can’t become… whatever her and The Doctor are without spending some quality time in the same timeline. Plus, I want some answers: How does she know that Time Lord language and know how to fly the TARDIS better than The Doctor?

How’s The Story?

A few points…

  • The episode was slow. That isn’t a complaint, however. Slow is a perfect speed and mood for the Weeping Angels who strike the moment you look away.
  • The use of music in the episode was good, in particular in the scene between Amy and the Angel.
  • I seriously hope the whole idea of “perception filters” won’t be overused in later episodes. I find it hard to believe no one made the two heads vs. one head connection earlier. It seems the “perception filter” cop-out was used just to push back the suspense to later in the episode.

And now, it’s time once again for…

Philosophical Wonderings with Professor Stéphane De La Chance

This week, we look at some of the themes in “The Time of Angels”

“What if we had ideas that could think for themselves?”

The concept of no longer needing a body to give shape to something appears twice in the episode. The first occasion occurs when the video of the Angel becomes an Angel on its own. The second happens when the Angel uses its victims’ voices and minds as its own voice (an idea that was reused from “Silence In the Library”). I’m sure someone more willing could and had argued how, indeed, ideas are becoming more important than who thought of them in the first place (Marshall McLuhan comes to mind). Unfortunately, thinking of this reminds me of my University courses so I’ll just leave this one to those interested.


This episode isn’t very nice to religion. The Church is portrayed as a military-like organization. There isn’t much to look into regarding that creative choice but it would be interesting if it is expanded upon in a further episode… such as the next one.

In Conclusion

A very moody episode at times and a decent start. We’ll see how The Doctor gets himself and his team out of this mess in the next episode. Oh, and I want more Amy and River.


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