FRIDAY ROUNDUP! (May 2010, wk 3)

Every week, The Signal will be offering up a Friday Roundup: a collection of mini-reviews, TV news, interesting links and varying television-related thoughts that weren’t big enough to merit a full post on their own.

Reviews, Thoughts and Other Ruminations

Cougar Town: Though the finale, “Finding Out”, didn’t quite hit the highs the show can, it was touching and emblematic of what works… and what doesn’t. The cast is goofy and lovable; I just wish sometimes things were a bit more grounded, especially the Jules/Grayson relationship. Until their final happy moment, Jules was so overbearingly obnoxious I wondered why anyone would date her. That said, fantastic cast, nice writing, and I can’t wait for season 2. Maybe they’ll finish sanding out the awkwardness then and it’ll be a pitch-perfect show a few episodes in. They’re already damn good.

Community: “Revisiting Pascal’s Triangle” wasn’t the classic Communiy I’d hoped for – the Britta/Slater competition felt somewhat underbaked despite eating the majority of the episode, and I felt there could have been more funny – but the ending made me cheer. I’d had a feeling they’d be closing off the season with Jeff/Annie  ever since their chemistry was on fire back in “Debate 109”, and Harmon’s been seeding it all through the season (their glance in “Romantic Expressionism”, her desire to dress ‘like a professor’ in “English as a Second Language”). With Britta turning from the pursued to the spurned, not to mention the new cast dynamics with Jeff and Annie pursuing more than a one-time kiss. Should be intriguing.

Glee: “Dream On”, as directed by Joss Whedon, should be looked at by Glee‘s other directors as an example of how to do the show right. Campy but not too campy, with the musical numbers well-defined as either dream or reality (something, in particular, that has irked me in recent episodes), with a focus on character. Every musical number was fantastic, the plots had room to breathe, and all in all it was a much better experience than the more frenetic episodes of the season.

See you next week!

2 Responses to “FRIDAY ROUNDUP! (May 2010, wk 3)”
  1. Pirate Mom says:

    I thought , for a change, Glee did an excellent job on the characture developement, but the song and dance, as a group, lacked the special qualities it usually has. The Lady Gaga was a good concept but the competing group had a better concept, and I would have liked to have seen it.

    • R. Lackie says:

      Yeah, me too! I hear this week’s Gaga episode was bumped to a week earlier, and my theory is the reason the rival group didn’t perform was ’cause of spoilers. I liked the Gaga number, but it wasn’t quite as good as the last week’s stuff. Plus they centred around Tina, who I initially hoped for more from, but they never seem quite able to move beyond ‘Asian/Goth/Fake Stutterer’, just like all Artie’s plots are about wheelchair users and all Kurt’s plots are about gayness and almost all of Mercedes’ stuff is about being black/large, and Tina doesn’t have half the development the others do.

      (And hi mom! *waves*)

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