Since the regular TV season has ended, The Signal will be shifting gears somewhat. You may notice a few differences in the types and frequency of our posts – as well as who will be posting them. More on that after the jump…

Here’s a rundown of some of the difference in the summer months…

  • Our Friday Roundups will be biweekly, owing to the drop in television activity over the summer. Though the rise of the summer as a time for new TV is significant, it still pales to the regular fall-spring season, so rather than post tiny roundups every week, we’ll conserve that energy for more full posts. This means you’ll be seeing the next Roundup on June 11.
  • Again, as the amount of new programming drops, our focus shifts. Because there are few originals running in the summer, and many of them are lightweight cable fare that wouldn’t normally earn a weekly rundown, many of the summer’s posts will be feature articles. One is tentatively planned for next week, in fact! Keep your eyes peeled.
  • Of course, the two shows we are currently reviewing on a weekly basis, Doctor Who and Living in Your Car, are out of sync with the fall season and still have a fair few weeks to go. Both Doctor Who and Living in Your Car still have 9 episodes to go.
  • * Also, you can expect to hear a few new voices that have yet to premiere. Gabriella Goutam is expected to premiere with a series of reviews about How I Met Your Mother‘s five seasons sometime in the coming weeks. Though we have no projects to confirm for Jessica Finch or Betty Dang, both are expected to make their flashy first appearances before the summer is up.
  • And finally, this week we will be experimenting for the first time with an official The Signal Podcast, discussing the events of the Chuck finale (possibly amongst other topics). Though I can’t confirm that this will actually work and be released, or that you won’t have to wait an age before we do release a podcast, you guys should know that we’re moving towards one.

So, who’s ready for summer?


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