Doctor Who, “Flesh And Stone” (5.05)

We start – 10 – with a River Song / Angels episode and end with an Amy / Cracks in Space and Time episode. Read the review – 9 – after the jump… – 8

How’s the Doctor?

It’s interesting to see how The Doctor reacts in difficult situations: He becomes really antsy when he’s panicked and becomes downright angry when he’s desperate. He also has a somewhat evil sense of humour, as shown when he keeps bringing up the fact Bob is dead to “Angel Bob.”

Another trait I noticed: The Doctor isn’t very good a catching Amy’s cues when it comes to… well, let’s just go to the next point…

How’s Amy?

I appear to have been half-right. Amy just wants to be friends with The Doctor.

Friends with benefits.

It made for a very humorous scene and a pleasant change from the last few times a companion fell in love with The Doctor. I’m interested to see how things shape up in the next few episodes.

How’s the story?

Revelations were on sale at the Screenwriter’s Store when this episode was written. This was a very story-arc centric episode. That’s both good and bad since it kind of diminishes the importance of the Angels and of River Song.

In any case, we discover that Time can be changed. Admittedly, that’s not too surprising since “The Waters of Mars” showed how that could happen and the consequences of doing so. The big, new idea you really need to take into account is the fact that someone or something other than The Doctor can change time. The Doctor even cites the events of “The Next Doctor” as an event that people should have remembered but haven’t. A good twist but seriously, how hasn’t he noticed this yet? If you see Time differently if you time travel (another tidbit offered in this episode), how hasn’t The Doctor, through all his travels, realized the lack of mentions of an attack by clockwork men in French history books, for example. Yes, it’s another “perception filter”-like cop-out but on the flip side, maybe that means “Fear Her” never will happen / happened.

I have a little prediction for River Song about the man she killed. Seeing how neither the soldier or River wanted to tell The Doctor who was this man, I can only assume he’s part of The Doctor’s future. In other words, I’m guessing River will kill – well, be framed for the murder of – The Doctor.

In Conclusion

I’m interested to see how things are going to go in further episodes. But, I would have liked a bit more River and Angel action.

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