SATURDAY ROUNDUP! (June 2010, wk 2)

Every week, The Signal will be offering up a Friday Roundup: a collection of mini-reviews, TV news, interesting links and varying television-related thoughts that weren’t big enough to merit a full post on their own.

This week, we’re a day late. Apologies, folks…

Reviews, Thoughts and Other Ruminations

United States of Tara: I’ve had my problems with this season, sure, but Max’s final closing speech was pretty beautiful. It finally moved Max from living with Tara in spite of the alters to accepting their place in their life, which I think is healthy if they’re going to move forwards.


Canadian TV Renewals: A lot of Canadian TV got picked up, just after the US did their show-and-tell a few weeks ago. Less Than Kind, which was picked up by HBO Canada when Citytv dropped it after season one, has got a third season (Channel Canada, 07/06/2010). And of course, the big CTV announcement (TV Eh?, 03/06/2010) that we’ll get season two of The Bridge, Dan For Mayor, Hiccups, and (previously-announced) The Listener, as well as a fourth season of Flashpoint, as well as new show Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. FOX has confirmed a third season for The Cleveland Show (10/06/2010). And the first confirmation of a fourth-season pickup for Secret Diary of a Call Girl is within an interview with Billie Piper (The Sun, 11/06/2010), in which she also mentions possibly ending the show after season 4 and continuing with a movie. And somewhere inbetween those two countries in Starz’s and BCC’s deal to co-produce a fourth season of Torchwood (The Heldenfiles Online, 07/06/2010). Sadly, no good news for HBO‘s The Life and Times of Tim, which has been cancelled (Deadline Hollywood Daily, 04/06/2010).

A year after she had to bow out of Parenthood for health reasons, Maura Tierney is now on the other side of the recasting fence, picking up Joely Richardson‘s role in new ABC series The Whole Truth (The Ausiello Files, 11/06/2010). Jesse Williams (The Ausiello Files, 08/06/2010) and Sarah Drew (The Ausiello Files, 09/06/2010) have both been promoted to full-time on Grey’s Anatomy, having recurred through the previous season. New ABC show No Ordinary Family is losing Tate Donovan and Christina Chang (The Ausiello Files, 03/06/2010) and have promoted Stephen Collins to series regular (The Hollywood Reporter, 11/06/2010). In some very exciting news, The Wire alumn Amy Ryan has signed on to In Treatment‘s fourth season (Deadline Hollywood Daily, 03/06/2010). And Liz Vassey won’t be returning as a series regular next year on CBS stalwart CSI (01/06/2010)

And, in the most exciting news I’ve heard all year, NBC is finally free of Jeff Zucker (New York Post, 02/06/2010).

Interesting Links

ISSTD United States of Tara Commentaries (International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation): These commentaries are a fascinating look into the level of detail and authenticity of United States of Tara, even as the show itself is less entertaining this season. Currently up to 2.06, “Torando!”, though I assume (like last season) they’ll catch up during the post-season hiatus.


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