Doctor Who, “The Vampires of Venice” (5.06)

Love is in the air. As well as the smell of blood. Read the review after the jump…

How’s The Doctor?

The start of the episode, as The Doctor makes an entrance, was great. Thus why I chose it as this episode’s screenshot. He can really be oblivious at times.

Is it just me or does The Doctor seem much more conscious of his own actions? Well, his larger actions. He does need to work on thinking before he speaks. What I mean is that hindsight seems to affect him more now. He even says “This is how they go,” when they’re trying to make up a plan, probably referring to the fact that he keeps losing people when executing his plans – something that happens a number of times in this episode if you include the people helping him, those he tries to stop and those he tries to help. You can see how serious it gets when he pretty much declares war on the fish creatures for having killed Isabella without knowing her name. This might just be because we’re five series in (for me and the new version of Doctor Who, anyway) and I’m able to pay attention to these connections. That, or I’m forgetting key moments that occurred in the past – a very likely scenario.

How’s Amy?

Wait. Actually…

How’s Rory?

At first glance, he seems like a copy of good old Mickey: not an idiot but still a bit of a buffoon and definitely no match when compared to The Doctor. And he is. The difference this time is that The Doctor is actively trying to make sure this doesn’t become another Rose-Mickey situation (see the previous paragraph). Plus, Amy and Rory seem to still be very much in love, Rory especially…

Seriously, who would wear a shirt with a picture of your future wife to your stag party?

How’s The Story?

Let’s go observation-by-observation on this one.

  • My old enemies perception filters and House-esque critical monologues about the main character both return but they work out OK this time. The filters’ use makes sense and explains somewhat the vampire-like lack of reflections of the aliens. As for the monologue delivered by Rory, The Doctor does try to argue it (but is interrupted by an earthquake).
  • Anyone else was getting a freudian/Hamlet feel from the alien mother and son? Add to that the whole thing about vampires and drinking blood. They also did “share” Amy for her blood. A lot of subtle kinkiness if you care to read into it.
  • This was a pretty funny episode including some good scenes, such as when The Doctor meets the vampires, and some good lines (“Think of the children”).
  • The Silence and the Cracks are here. The end of the episode (when Rory and the Doctor talk of hearing silence) was a pretty unsubtle message that all that stuff will probably become very important, as if that wasn’t obvious already from, say, the previous episode.
  • Couldn’t The Doctor have helped the aliens escape to some other planet at the end of the episode? I mean, they didn’t die, did they, just because Mom jumped in to give them a snack? Sure they now have no females but The Doctor’s clever. He could have thought of something.

In Conclusion

Decent story with some funny writing. That said, looking at the previews, I can’t wait to watch the next episode.


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