Treme, “I’ll Fly Away” (1.10)

“Oh, this town…” – Janette Desautel

The inaugural season of David Simon‘s new series, Treme, wraps up its first season with a segment written by the man himself and directed by Agnieszka Holland. Does it do a suitable job of tying off the show’s many plots in a satisfying way? Read on after the jump to find out…

So, in the end, things still feel unresolved… and yet, there’s resolution. Creighton’s dead, Janette and Delmond have left for New York, Albert got to see the Indians make their deadline, Daymo got his funeral, all things that have been bubbling under all season and waiting for the finale. And more things have been set up for season two, such as Davis and Annie living together (and their considerable chemistry makes this a great move).

But, damn if I’d have known this were a finale if I didn’t already know.

At the end of a season where I’ve fallen in love with much of the cast, felt the joy and the tension and the heartbreak of their lives, I’m still unsure how I feel about this finale. It doesn’t feel like anything unexpected happened, or anything new was learned, and the resolutions that occurred were unsurprising and generally unexciting. I still think the cast is fantastic, and this season was worthwhile every minute; I honestly can’t wait to see season two.

I will note one thing, though: a lesser show, one too invested in proving New Orleans’ worth, would have had Davis’ ‘one day’ plan work on Janette. But Davis’ day wouldn’t have worked, not to a woman who already knew and loved all the things he showed her and had already had to defeat that love to decide to move on. It also shows that the show, while invested on showing us New Orleans as its inhabitants love it early on, isn’t merely as very long argument for how great the city is. Janette may come back, but for now, New Orleans can’t give her what she needs,a s great as it is.

Also, RIP Creighton Bernette and David “Daymo” Williams.  John Goodman gave a hell of a performance over the course of the season, and Daymo provided a strong arc for both Ladonna and Toni, so I’m happy to have had them and yet am able to move on into season two without them. I’m very curious about what David Simon has planned for season two.

I’ll be visiting Treme next year. How about you?


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