Living in Your Car, “Chapter 6″ (1.06)

“This is as far down as I go. I promise.” – Steve Unger

The sixth episode of HBO Canada‘s new original series, Living in Your Car, written by George F. Walker and Courtney Jane Walker, and directed by Shawn Alex Thompson. Review after the jump…

The show is giving us a chance to look at Steve’s daily life, between the scenes where he’s haggling for an extra buck with anyone in his life who will still give him two minutes. He’s still in denial about his situation, still expecting to climb up from his difficulties and become, yet again, king of the business world.

Of course, the world isn’t like that.

Folks spend all episode telling Steve that there’s always lower to go, and he continues to put on his blinders, blundering recklessly because he’s still immune to the idea of consequences. And by the end of the episode he’s back in jail, even if temporarily. Always further down to go. I liked Althea and Carole reminding Steve that everyone in their position has a story, because that’s something that needed to be said and reminds us that Steve, despite his persistence, very well may not make it off the street.

Not a terribly engaging episode, despite Althea being a great creation. Ingrid Kavelaars did well in her single scene, finally managing to fuse the two sides of her character that have so-far been too hard to meld. John Ralston was still strong as Steve, continuing to blunder through life as if he knows what he’s doing.

Still enjoying the show. We’re officially moving into the back half of the season, so hopefully the show will continue laying out Steve’s new life so we can start complicating it somewhat.


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