Weeds, “Felling and Swamping” (6.02)

“My days were numbered anyway, as were yours, because you have the bad fortune of being related to me.” – Nancy Botwin. A review of the second episode of Weeds‘ sixth season, written by Victoria Morrow and directed by Scott Ellis, after the jump… Advertisements

The Big C, “Summer Time” (1.02)

“I have no idea who I’m gonna be this summer.” – Cathy Jamison I reacted with some excitement to Showtime’s new comedy after its pilot, praising the work by star Laura Linney, the writing, directing and the cast. And viewers did too, making it Showtime’s biggest premiere in 8 years.. The real test to any … Continue reading

Doctor Who “Amy’s Choice” (5.07)

Here’s an episode you might want to watch twice, and not just because it’s very good. Read the review after the jump…

The Big C, “Pilot” (1.01 PRE-REVIEW)

“Oh, come on. Come on, you’ve gotta give it up for me a little bit. It’s kinda funny. ‘Death comedy’.” – Cathy Jamison Showtime have made half-hour dramedies about edgy subjects and strong protagonists their bread and butter, and another has entered the ring: The Big C, starring Laura Linney as a suburban wife and … Continue reading

Weeds, “Thwack” (6.01 PRE-REVIEW)

“I am sorry for the countless times I have left you holding your dick, I am sorry. But now you have the handbook for what not to do.” – Nancy Botwin Weeds is a show that has had its ups and downs, struggling to find its balance after departing the weed-vs.-suburbs story of Agrestic. Last … Continue reading