Doctor Who “Amy’s Choice” (5.07)

Here’s an episode you might want to watch twice, and not just because it’s very good. Read the review after the jump…

How’s The Dream Lord?

We meet The Anti-Doctor, more or less everything that’s bad about the Doctor. Man, was he great! I doubt we’ll ever see him again seeing how it would be hard to have space pollen re-enter the TARDIS without that seeming too forced but I probably wouldn’t mind. Toby Jones played The Dream Lord wonderfully and I’d love to have him come back.

What was particularly good about The Dream Lord was his true identity. If the Doctor’s evil side wanted so badly to mess with Amy and force her to choose between the Doctor and Rory, one has to wonder if The Doctor truly wants Amy and Rory together. That said, even The Dream Lord waved the white flag after Amy made her choice so all that Rose-esque silliness might be over,.

How’s Amy and Rory?

Before her “choice”, Amy seemed to use The Doctor and his adventures as a way to avoid growing up and marrying: a way to stay Amelia Pond. Now that she has made her choice, I do hope her, The Doctor and Rory stay as a trio for a while. This episode showed that they all work very well together: they offer comedy, action, romance and a bit a sexual tension.

While the way Amy made her choice was a bit overly melodramatic for my taste, I am glad of the choice she made. Amy and Rory are a bit of an odd couple but it works and the series needs a couple able to withstand The Doctor’s action hero allure.

Other Observations

  • This episode had many elements that reminded me of LOST (Spoilers ahead): There are two universes, in two different times (they even talk of flash-forwards and flash-backs), neither of which end up actually being “real” universes and The Doctor blows up the TARDIS in a flash of white light. Further, there’s a VW van in this episode, much like LOST’s DHARMA vans.
  • I did like the survival story set in the small village. However, I felt a bit cheated by the simplicity of the other story, set in the TARDIS. It seemed a just too simple in comparison.
  • Who else liked the music in this episode? Wasn’t it great?

In Conclusion

This episode had good story with some good character analysis. Overall, it’s definitely one of the best of the season so far.

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