Weeds, “Bliss” (6.04)

“I can’t believe this is my life.” – Nancy Botwin

A review of the fourth episode of season six, written by Stephen Falk and directed by Eric Jewett, after the jump…

This episode was fun, introducing a new ally-slash-antagonist and putting Nancy right back into the crosshairs of ‘why pot-dealing just leads to a lot of big headaches’. Somehow, though, the cliffhanger ending off this episode merely annoyed me, while in previous seasons it would have been exciting.

I hate to admit this, but I don’t have a terrible lot to say about this episode. It was effective and fun, but it doesn’t feel like there’s enough I want to say about it to fill out a review like before. The characters are nicely continuing on their arcs – Silas seeing what he’s sacrificed due to laziness and then loyalty, Shane taking over Avi’s parenthood, Andy’s clash between what he wants and wanting to follow Nancy, and Nancy’s slow-growing realisaton that she keeps digging her grave deeper.

Funny episode. Interested to see where this is going.


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