Introducing… Fringe

Fringe (Citytv – Canada / FOX – US) What is it? This sci-fi cop series follows FBI agent Olivia Dunham, the very much mad Dr. Walter Bishop and his handler/son Peter Bishop as they investigate weird events and science experiments gone wrong. (SPOILERS BELOW) Advertisements

In Treatment Season Three: Week One

In Treatment has been a longtime favourite of mine, ever since its first season aired during the winter cold of the Writer’s Strike back in 2008. Every year, Gabriel Byrne‘s Paul Weston sits down with an all-star cast and slowly draws me into the complex lives of his patients. Every year its been a longshot to … Continue reading

Comedy Night Done Right Reviews: Weeks 4 and 5

Here’s the fourth and fifth weeks of NBC’s fantastic Comedy Night Done Right, after the jump…

How I Met Your Mother, “Baby Talk” (6.06)

“I got this.” – Robin Scherbatsky Typically, I don’t tackle How I Met Your Mother for The Signal, but “Baby Talk” came out of left field to catch my attention for one specific reason. That reason, and more thoughts on the episode (written by Joe Kelly and directed by HIMYM in-house director Pamela Fryman) after … Continue reading

Survival of the Fittest: Update II

Back in May, I made predictions on how I expected the new shows to do in the coming season, just after their initial pickups. As we come into premiere month, here’s a recap of my predictions for the season, first posted at the end of May. As the shows premiere and air, I’ll add some updates … Continue reading

The Line, “Episode 1” (1.01)

This summer, I reviewed the bulk of the first season of George F. Walker and Dani Romain‘s newer show, Living in Your Car. Today, I sat down with a group to watch the pilot to their previous collaboration, The Line. What did I think? My review after the jump…

PREVIEW: Durham County 3.01

For those who are fans of this fantastic Canadian series, HBO Canada is offering a free preview of the season three premiere here.

Doctor Who “The Pandorica Opens” / “The Big Bang” (5.12 / 5.13)

Well, then… That was good. The review is after the jump…

Comedy Night Done Right Reviews: Week 3

Now for week three…

Parenthood, “I’m Cooler Than You Think” (2.03)

Last week’s episode, “I’m Cooler Than you Think” was, in my opinion, the first good episode this season. It’s been slow going for Parenthood, but this episode picks things up with some new story lines – although the downside to the overflow of new plots is that some seemed to come out of nowhere.