Parenthood, “No Good Deed” (2.02)

The second episode this season, “No Good Deed”, definitely lives up to its title.

In the season’s first episode, “I Hear You, I See You”, Adam offered his sister Sarah a job. Their first day as colleagues (although Sarah is technically an intern) is rocky, especially when Adam’s boss, Gordon, begins to take an interest in Sarah. I think this is a great story line; hello conflict! Meanwhile, Kristina deals with a crisis as Suze Lessing and her autistic son literally take up residence at the Braverman house after Suze and her husband decide to separate. The Lessing story line works well as Kristina attempts to comfort the desperate Suze, the house becomes a disaster zone thanks to Noel and tensions mount for Adam who just wantseveryone to leave him alone.

Things that don’t work this episode; I am getting tired of the Crosbi/ Jasmine/Jabbar long distance relationship. Jasmine is in this episode as opposed to “I Hear You, I See You” when she mostly appeared via Skype web cam. But unsurprisingly, this episode ends with Jasmine having to leave again, this time for a European tour with her dance company. It all seems like an elaborately drawn out excuse for Jasmine (Joy Bryant) to leave the show. Don’t get me wrong, this story line is much better than killing off her character; that would be way too much for this show. Although I can definitely see the Braverman’s dealing with death somewhere down the road.

Sarah’s lack of confidence is also getting annoying, I can’t believe that a woman who raised two kids predominantly on her own would be such a quitter… I realize the point is that she needs her family to be strong, but her quitting Adam’s company after a day is too much even for her.

Again very little Mae Whitman and Miles Heizer in this episode. I’m just waiting for them to make an apperance that actually merits them being in the opening titles, because recently they’ve just been supporting players, and minor ones at that.


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