Doctor Who, “Vincent And The Doctor” (5.10)

The Doctor and Amy meet a troubled artist in one of the darker moments of his life: Conan O’Brien after losing The Tonight Show. The review is after the jump….

How’s The Doctor?

He seems guilty about the whole Rory incident since he’s bringing Amy to many apparently special places. That might be guilt or that might be him bringing Amy on dates. He doesn’t seem very thrilled when she andVincent flirt in the cafe. Plus, he does seem to remember Rory; he slips up and calls Vincent Rory at one point. Why does he want to hide what happened to Rory to Amy? Is he feeling merciful or is he being opportunistic?

How’s Vincent?

While I’m no expert of Van Gogh and thus can’t speak to the authenticity of Tony Curran‘s performance as Vincent, I can say it was great to watch. The interactions between Vincent, The Doctor and Amy are also highlights of the episode.

While we’re talking about Vincent, let’s talk about his odd abilities. He was able to see the alien, unlike even The Doctor and he seems to be able to spot Amy’s sadness towards losing Rory, a feeling she doesn’t even know she has. The episode seems to give Vincent some very special abilities, and not just artistic ones.

How’s The Story?

The monster in this episode was not very interesting. It seems as if was put in as a pretext for Vincent, Any and The Doctor to have an adventure as well as being another metaphor for The Doctor and Vincent. I wish they had something more interesting to deal with.

A few other observations:

  • There’s a few too many “Holy shit, it’s Van Gogh” moments in the episode. We get it: he’s important but he didn’t realize it.
  • The scene when Vincent gets to see the future was very touching. It’s sad when, in the end it doesn’t change the fact he kills himself. Makes you wonder if their trip ended up overwhelming him.

In Conclusion

This was a very nice, emotional episode. It wasn’t action-packed and gladly so. Different, but it worked.


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