Doctor Who “The Pandorica Opens” / “The Big Bang” (5.12 / 5.13)

Well, then… That was good. The review is after the jump…

How’s The Doctor?

“The most feared being in all of the Cosmos” – The Doctor

He might not have known he was talking about himself at the time but he certainly doesn’t seem to mind the idea of being such a person. Just listen to his speech to all the ships above Stonehenge.

We get to see how The Doctor would have his life “flash before his eyes” before he were to die. Pretty emotional. We even get to have a nice little flashback to “Flesh and Stone.”

How’s Amy?

“OK, kid. This is where it gets complicated.” – Amy

Talk about a sad moment when The Doctor reveals to Amy that her parents disappeared through the Cracks. Makes you wonder how come she didn’t, however. With that in mind, I am not really fond of the idea that Amy is suppose to be special because she lived close to the Crack the whole time. It seems silly and leads to an annoying realization: You know that great wedding reception scene at the end of the two-parter? Guess what? Amy used her imagination to bring The Doctor back to life. If you didn’t groan at that realization, you haven’t watched enough television to find that annoying.

Or you find that cute.

Now, I’ll groan.

How’s (Plastic) Rory?

“I died and turned into a Roman. It’s very distracting.” -Rory

I like how Rory changed. He’s a real hero and a great boyfriend… except for that whole killing Amy thing. It’s really sad when he tries to resists his real plastic self and how Amy tries to help him, ending up with her demise. What would have been worse is if this character progression was all for nothing. Fortunately, Rory does seem to remember his time as a piece of plastic: As Amy goes for TARDIS when it appears in the reception scene, you can hear him saying “I was plastic.” I assume he isn’t anymore, though.

How’s River Song?

“Where’s the Dalek?” -Amy

“It died.” -River

River killing the Dalek? It might be the best, if not one of the best, scene from both episodes. Do not mess with her Doctor! I want to know more about her and, according to the foreshadowing she did, we will know more.

How are the Monsters?

“Mercy!” -Dalek

Sure, everyone and their grandmother was there but NO ONE DID ANYTHING. The Daleks were brought back earlier and most that happens here is that one of them dies… awesomely, yes. But, he dies regardless, along with every other creature that came to capture The Doctor. The only other good monster scene was the Cyberman attack. That was freaky!

How’s the Storyline?

“Silence will fall!” -Some voice

So then, the big plan was to highjack the TARDIS and blow it up, thus destroying the universe and make Silence fall. However, those behind The Doctor’s capture don’t seem to know who was really behind the TARDIS’ explosion. They were probably just pawns. Now, the great news is that The Doctor knows there are still questions that need answers. The Cracks are closed but it seems like this is going to become a multi-season story ark.

Other Observations:

  • It’s nice that we go back on Vincent. It seems The Doctor (or those who hate him) is somewhat at fault for his craziness.
  • We also get to see many of the people The Doctor met this season help him.
  • Captain Jack’s little time travel wrist watch thing-y also appears in the episode.
  • Yes, this review is for two episodes and I said I wouldn’t do that but after that cliffhanger? That’s how you do a first parter by the way, writer of “The Hungry Earth.”
  • The idea that there’d be “star cults” who believe that there are stars in the starless sky is clever.
  • The fez? Could it a reference to Indiana Jones?

In Conclusion

Except for the fact Amy imagined back The Doctor and the large monster cast who did nothing, it was a great story and a great finale. I certainly can’t wait to know more about the bringer of Silence and of River Song.


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