Introducing… Fringe

Fringe (Citytv – Canada / FOX – US)

What is it?

This sci-fi cop series follows FBI agent Olivia Dunham, the very much mad Dr. Walter Bishop and his handler/son Peter Bishop as they investigate weird events and science experiments gone wrong.


As the series progresses, they discover an alternate version of Earth. We discover that after his own son died, Walter took the alternate version of Peter to cure him of the same ailment his own son succumbed and to raise him as his own. This, unsurprisingly, annoyed the alternate version of Walter (or “Walternate” as Walter Classic calls him) who goes on a quest to more or less destroy the opposite universe. When Olivia and Walter travel to the alternate world to save Peter from helping his true father fulfill his objective, they run into trouble in the shape of more alternate versions of the cast, including one of Olivia (or “Fauxlivia” as I like to call her). Season Two ends when Walter and Peter return from the alternate universe unknowingly with Fauxlivia, as Walternate continues his plan to perfect his universe-destroying weapon and to keep an eye on his son and Walter Classic. Season Three seems to be using an even/odd week design where one week we follow Olivia Classic, brainwashed to think she is Fauxlivia, in the alternate universe followed by a week of Peter, Walter and Fauxlivia, doing the best she can to keep her identity hidden.

Who’s in it?

Anna Torv plays both Olivia Dunham and her alternate version, John Noble is Walter Bishop and “Walternate” and Joshua Jackson plays the very much one and only Peter Bishop.

Coming Soon…

Season 3 continues after what appears to be a baseball-induced hiatus on November 4th, if Wikipedia is to be believed. I’ll start reviewing episodes then.

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