Fringe, “6955 kHz” (3.06)

Forgetfulness is in the air as a lot is revealed in this week’s Fringe. Cross the break to know more…

You are Here: Our Side (with a bit of The Other Side, too)

How’s the Case?

This week’s case has revealed a whole lot. What started as weird numbers and mind erasing machines became the reveal of Walternate’s master plan. The number broadcasts were coordinates of the location of the pieces to a machine built by a pre-history society referred to as the First People. These people discovered a technology able to create and destroy worlds called The Vacuum. And this machine, able to use that technology… is Walternate’s machine with which he plans to destroy those who stole his son. Dun. Dun. DUNNN!

What’s odd is that it was an “Over There” shape shifter that was doing the cover up. This is despite the fact Walternate seems intent in having Peter and Walter assemble his machine for him and destroying their own world. Why hide what you want them to find? One explanation is that the coverup did end up having the intended effect: The mind erasing did get the Fringe crew on the case. Another explanation is that Walternate might have intended them to discover the First People’s machine in another matter and the coverup was so that all those radio enthusiasts wouldn’t find the pieces before them.

How’s Fauxlivia?

I wonder if Walternate would be happy that Fauxlivia is doing it with his son. It might make for an odd conversation in the future. That is, if she makes it out of this universe in one piece. Nina found it out of character that she didn’t go hands-on with the Peter-Walter issue and try to repair it herself. Fauxlivia also “forgot” one of Olivia’s former acquaintances in front of Peter. And to top it off, she had to get her hands dirty once again and deal directly with the case and the shape shifter when things went wrong. How long until she screws up for good?

How’s Olivia?

We got a glimpse of Olivia’s situation after the events of this episode and it doesn’t look good. Now that Walter and Peter are ready and willing to assemble the machine, Walternate doesn’t need her to find a way to cross over, it seems. As “Her Hidden Consciousness” Peter told her, she needs to get back on her own before Walternate decides to wrap up the loose end she is. What this means is that stuff is going to get interesting on both versions of Earth.

How’s Walter and Peter?

They were having a big debate over whether it’s a good idea to work on Walternate’s machine or not. Peter got freaked out when he got it work with him and needs to know more about it. Plus, he figures that they need to know what it does so that they’d be able to stop it. Walter is too freaked out and compares it to the development of the nuclear bomb. He’s probably unwilling to one again jeopardize the world over technology like he did when he crossed over. That said, it is more or less because of his actions that they’re in this tight situation in the first place. In the end, Walter becomes willing to learn more about the machine despite it being what his alternate version might want him to do. Peter seems to be optimistic, however, that this won’t end with a choice between the universe he was born in and the one he’s living in, seeming certain there’s a third option. I hope for his case there is because for the time being, Walternate sees to have the upper hand in all of this.

In Conclusion

And so, the slippery slope begins. Are Peter and Walter about to send humanity to the slaughterhouse in their quest to stop exactly that from happening? Have their choice over knowning what they’re up against versus keeping the Doomsday device buried put Olivia in mortal danger? In case you weren’t sure, yes, I loved this episode and I can’t wait to see what happens next on both sides.


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