Fringe, “The Abducted” (3.07)

It’s Fringe: Special Victims Unit as a kid is kidnapped. Read more after the break…

You Are Here: The Other Side (with a bit of Our Side, too)

How’s Olivia?

She’s good with kids. And that’s good for her. Broyles discovers her accidental slip-up about being part of the FBI, which doesn’t exist here anymore. If it weren’t for the fact her quick thinking saved Broyles’ kid, she would have been toast.

Olivia also starts planing her escape and enlists the help of her former kidnapping victim to get to the lab she and Walternate have been experimenting in. She’s able to make it to the lab on Liberty Island and cross over but like every other time, it isn’t for long and now she’s captured by Walternate who seems to be very willing to “dispose” of her.

How’s The Other Broyles?

This episode offers a, let’s call it intimate look into the life of this alternate version of Broyles. He’s still gruff and authoritative (Who wouldn’t be with his voice?) but we learn that he’s also a family man. Since this week’s case was about children, he plays the ever-necessary “Dad who doesn’t want his kid to be interviewed.” We also see that he’s a merciful man since he let’s Olivia, who to him is not much more than a brainwashed spy let loose on his team, save herself despite Walternate’s plan to take care of her. In the end, however, it didn’t help much. I guess we’ll see if his mercy will play out more actively now that Walternate has Olivia.

How’s Peter?

Once again, we cross over at the end of the episode and discover that Olivia, in the short moment she crossed back home, got someone to inform him that she’s being kept against her will on the Other Side. Dealing with the kind of logic that exists in this series, Peter could and should have believed the message. No real clue was given whether he did or didn’t however. If he does believe her, Fauxlivia’s mission is in big trouble and Olivia might have a chance to get saved by Peter and Walter. If he doesn’t, Olivia might be screwed and Fauxlivia will be safe for her extraction, whenever and however that might happen. Let’s hope at a minimum Peter get’s suspicious.

How’s the Case?

It’s a pretty freaky case we got this week, although I wish we could have had a few more abductions happening at the same time just to make things interesting. A few things I spotted:

  • Fringe Division investigates all kidnappings due to the “Peter Bishop Act.” I guess the Secretary took the kidnapping of his son pretty badly.
  • This episode isn’t very nice to religion. Kidnapping and sucking the life out of kids, all for God and to cure others? Ouch.
  • It appears the nearly imaginary fear of bird flu that we had here was a bit less imaginary on the Other Side.

In Conclusion

This episode feels like the brother to the previous one. The last one sets up the creation of Walternate’s machine and this one sets up the possibly mortal dangers that will face both Olivias. I just hope everything gets kicked into high gear in the next episode and that some real shit goes down… on both sides.


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