How I Met Your Mother, “Blitzgiving” (6.10)

“4-8-15-16-23-42!” – Steve “The Blitz” Henry

Lost‘s Hurley pays a visit to New York for Thanksgiving.  A review of the episode, written by Theresa Mulligan Rosenthal and directed by Pamela Fryman, after the jump…


“Blitzgiving” wasn’t a bad episode per se, but neither were the bulk of season five’s offerings. I still smiled all the way through, and occasionally laughed at the wittier joke or two. But it didn’t hit home at any point the way this season’s episodes have done so far, even with the big moment of truth for Ted and Zoey. Jorge Garcia, as expected, was his regular charming self, and the episode had some good laughs. But ultimately, it felt disposable, with none of the moments entering the lexicon of classic Mother moments.

However, Jennifer Morrison still continues to bring it with Zoey, and her drunken misadventures with the gang were the episode’s highlight. And the cast brought it, even with a “Zoo Or False”-style gag in “I’m not the Blitz!” that got flatter as the episode went on.

Still, after the season’s over and I’m looking back on it, I probably won’t even remember this episode without some prompting.



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