Comedy Night Done Right Reviews: Megan-Feels-Like-An-Estranged-Parent Edition (Week 9)

I know what you’re thinking, and I’m sorry.

Megan, where did Comedy Night Done Right go? Your reviews are not there! Are you dead? Are the police going to find your corpse loftily perched atop a mid-sized sand dune in the Sahara desert?


As far as I know, I’m still alive. I’m also still watching Community/30 Rock/The Office. I’ve been kept from blogging due to the fact that I was locked up in my basement writing essays for the past few weeks. For what, you ask? For school of course. Who the hell writes essays for fun ASIDE FROM SATAN AND VOLDEMORT?!

Anyway, I’m going to dive right back into it as if this never happened. Okay? Okay.

Ready? Starting now we will never speak of my epic fail again.


Tralalalalala. Thursday night television. How I love it. LET US REVIEW.


 2.09 – “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design”
(also, in some places, known as “Conspiracy Theories and Soft Defenses”)

When the Dean discovers that Jeff is enrolled in a class that doesn’t exist just to get the free credit, he decides to investigate the matter. Just as Jeff is about to be totally busted, the mysterious “Professor Professerson” (the alleged teacher of Jeff’s falsified US Conspiracies class) appears out of nowhere and vouches for him. The problem? It turns out Jeff was indeed making up the class, and he’s never seen the man who identified himself as Professor Professerson in his life.  Annie and Jeff decide to dig to the bottom of things and uncover a conspiracy theory of their own in the process.

Also, Troy and Abed build a huge blanket fort. It’s really big.

Though the ending of the episode was super climactic and tense, It felt like there was less payoff than usual for a half hour of Jeff Winger-based shenanigans. Maybe it’s because I’m not a huge fan of conspiracy theories, but I found the plot to be a little too long-winded for my liking. I love the gimmicky gags used on the show but they’ve gotta bring in some longstanding plot arcs – even something as small as the Britta/Jeff sexual tension – before they turn into Glee and start producing one-off episodes just for the sake of it.

Side note: I hate Glee slightly less now that they’ve brought on the guy from A Very Potter Musical. SLIGHTLY, only slightly. And mostly because of obligatory Darren Criss worship. So there.

AND HEY, remember that time I mentioned the BLANKET FORT?! I almost built one myself after watching Trabed (acceptable celebrity mashup name?) frolick through the pillow-and-blanket city in their man-sized footie pyjamas. All glory to the blanket fort.


5.08 – “College”

The writers decide to screw around with Jack after they discover that he is the voice of an online dictionary. Meanwhile, Liz enters a crew lottery and wins, much to the grumblings of her employees. To appease the bitter crew, Liz tries to win them back through a series of increasingly generous gifts.

I love the idea that Jack’s voice was initially recorded to “save a record of the true American accent” and ended up getting sold to some hackneyed online dictionary. Although I think the writers could have come up with better things to punch into the dictionary, I love that they decided to use the text-to-talk feature to mess around with Pete.

Liz’s relationship with the crew is always a wonderfully contentious area to set an episode in. It’s nice to see such a bitter character like Miz Lemon be out-bittered by her co-workers sometimes – a move that gives her a chance to reveal another side of herself to the audience. Liz in this episode is desperate to win the affection and approval of the crew, which is an atypical but still acceptable area for her to play with. Character development, yay!


 7.09 – “”

Ryan’s new online social networking service, Wuphf, is finally taking off and he’s looking for more investors in the office. Meanwhile, Dwight sets up a hay festival in the Dunder-Mifflin parking lot and relives his childhood dreams of becoming Hay King.

First of all if you weren’t aware, the Wuphf website actually works, and it could be the most annoying surfing experience on the web today. Check it out.

Ryan is probably the most annoying character on TV right now, but I can’t help but love him for it. BJ Novak is absolutely hilarious, and it’s especially obvious after the rise of Wuphf that he’s transitioned and updated his character really nicely for the new episodes. There were inklings before, but I think this episode really sets it in stone. Ryan is the on-screen incarnation of that one full-of-himself douchebag guy that you can’t stop hanging out with because he is literally the coolest person you know.

As for the hay festival part of the episode, I love that it was so similar to a real hay festival – as in, it really really sucked. Even as a kid we all knew those things were total BS. You’d spend all day psyching yourself up for the super epic day of hay-filled fantabulousness!!11`!!!! and then you’d get there in reality and this creepy old woman would try and take over the straw doll making table when you’re making your OWN straw doll and nobody else’s goddamn it. Dwight WOULD run one of these things. I’m also glad that Angela might have met someone normal, because although the random having-contractually-obligated-sex-with-Dwight thing was just starting to get stale.

It’s funny because I’m always least excited to watch The Office every week, but for the past little while it’s been the show that’s impressed me the most out of all three of my CNDR babies.  Hmm…

Any thoughts out there? What did you think of last week’s comedy roundup?


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