Fringe, “Entrada” (3.08)

It was either this trailer or that large Ice Capp I had but I was extremely excited at the start of this episode. Did it last? Read the review after the jump to know.

You Are Here: In case the blue and red intro didn’t make it clear, this episode takes place on both sides.

How’s Peter?

He rocks in this episode! He got curious quickly and used a line Olivia should have remembered to test Fauxlivia. He finds the typewriter store Fauxlivia goes to. He also correctly guessed Fauxlivia was holding but a shapeshifter hostage at the station. Now that order has been restored between Olivias, there’s now that nagging issue that the real Olivia, the one that likes him, well… wasn’t the one he was sleeping with. While it probably should be touched upon in the show, I just hope it gets dealt with quickly. I don’t mind the Peter-Olivia relationship until it doesn’t mess up the action and adventure Fringe delivers.

How’s Fauxlivia?

She’s pretty swift too. She does get away in the end. She also realized quickly that she got made by Peter. She doesn’t kill him though. Why? A) It seems she has a thing for him too and B) I’m sure the Secretary will be very, very pissed if she kills his device activating mechanism. I’m sure the fact he’s his son might factor into that too. Back on her side, she appeared to be eying, I bet not just literally, Broyles’ office. Might she get a promotion for a job half-decently well done?

How’s the Other Broyles?

He comes through with his respect and debt to Olivia. It took some soul-searching (and awkward scene with his wife in Central Park I didn’t like) but he helps her cross over. He pays for it with his life, though. It’s a shame for him that he was about the same weight as Fauxlivia (with a few limbs cut off). Despite loosing a character that actually had a life beyond being the gruff boss that this side’s Broyles is, we do get treated to a freaky scene where our Broyles sees himself on a morgue slab.

How’s Olivia?

Desperate and about the become Walternate’s scientists’ latest lab project/cross-over inducer for Fauxlivia. She doesn’t do much in this episode other than being (understandably) scared. Although props to her for having correctly guessed Walternate would have the same sensory deprivation tank Walter does in his lab.

What’s happening with the storyline?

I feel stupid for not realizing this earlier: The reason Walternate needs Peter and Walter to find the pieces to the Vacuum machine on their side is because one essential piece is missing, presumably forever, to the machine on his side. Unfortunately for everyone, the Other-siders seems to be in possession of the piece. They just need to send it across. Why they didn’t do it with Fauxlivia, I’m not sure. It might have been to make sure that if she got caught, as she did, the Fringe gang couldn’t get back hold of it.

On another front, it seems Walternate has gotten hold of Cortexiphan. This will open up more opportunities for Other-siders crossing over, something they will need to do at some point again: not only is the piece in the wrong universe, so it Peter, the only person it seems who can get the machine to work.

Other Things:

  • Walter offers the best line of the episode: “She tricked my son with her cardinal manipulations and you fell right into her vagenda.”
  • Is that a photo of an elderly Kennedy on Walternate desk? Sure there are a lot of differences between universes but that one stood out to me.
  • Shapeshifters who are helping the Other-siders seem to be getting the short end of the stick. They get left on our side to fulfill their task and often end up shot in the head.
  • Both Olivias seem to be having a hard time with stuff getting shot or injected into them in this episode.

In Conclusion

That was exactly the episode that the series needed. Everything that was being setup came crashing down. That said, there are still questions and this universe is far from safe. The switch-a-roo arc is over but there’s still more to enjoy. Time to see what happens next!


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