Fringe, “Marionette” (3.09)

Someone gives life to a corpse while Olivia loses her own. Read the review after the jump…

You Are Here: On Our Side

How’s Peter?

He decides to make everything better by revealing everything to Olivia as quickly as he can, avoiding the same kind of backlash that came from Walter lying to him about where he came from. It takes a bit of effort but he does it. Did it work? Well…

How’s Olivia?

Olivia tries to be a good trooper and hide the pain but its clear from the moment she discovers it (and Anna Torv delivers a very convincing, slow and painful switch from an “I love you” to an “Oh My God…” face) that she isn’t alright. She freaks out when she gets to her home and cleans her sheets and clothing… just to find Peter’s stuff in her washing machine. While Astrid explains to her that Peter was in love with her and not with Fauxlivia, it isn’t enough in the end.

And this is where the show goes to shit. Olivia had all the right to be very mad at Fauxlivia for her deception. She could also be mad at Peter or at least just unwilling to be with him for a while, to take some alone time. But no, no they go for that horridly annoying justification anytime someone does something wrong by, more or less, no true fault of their own: The “You should have known” justification. Citing how the organ stealer knew his reanimation wasn’t truly like the original girl he knew by the look in its eyes, she tells Peter that he just should have known that Fauxlivia wasn’t really Olivia. She also asserts the moral high ground somehow by saying that at least she had delusions of Peter when she was on the other side, helping her get through things. AUGH!

They had a number of paths to go with, a number that involved either Peter and Olivia being together or them not being together. Rather than putting a bit more logic in a show that has a lot of it already, they decided to make Olivia more or less say, “You didn’t imagine me when I was away. That means you don’t actually love me.”


How’s The Case?

The case was pretty good. Good and freaky. The first operation we see reminds me of (whatever little I have seen of) Dexter. Plus the eye operation was very gruesome. But the show-stealing scene is the marionette one. No gore or blood, just freakiness. If it weren’t for the living-after-heart-extraction or the reanimation, this would have made for a good Criminal Minds episode.

Other Things:

  • I didn’t realize Broyles was a colonel on this side too.
  • Apparently Walter knows how human remains taste like. Unfortunately, that isn’t as surprising enough as it should be.
  • It appears the Observers are either making sure Peter or Walter are alive or waiting until that’s no longer the case.

In Conclusion

Well, as I wanted, they dealt with the Fauxlivia issue. In the worst way possible. I was coming into this thinking this would be an episode with a ho-hum case that wouldn’t be worthy of finishing off this calendar year as much as “Entrada” could have. With the way they worked out things between Peter and Olivia, the case was pretty much the best thing to come out of this episode.

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