How I Met Your Mother, “False Positive” (6.12)

“I’m committed! I’m riding this wave straight to hell!” – Marshall Eriksen

A holiday-themed movie snack.

A review of the episode, written by Craig Gerard and Matthew Zinman and directed by Pamela Fryman, after the jump…

This episode was a lot of fun, even if it was pretty simplistic and very predictable.

Robin’s story felt a little like a look at the Dark Years for Robin, where she felt more like ‘the other girl’ in the show rather than Badass Robin, and tended to be a bit of a bimbo. What’s amazing is that Cobie Smulders can nail both ‘coin flip bimbo’ (as she’s amazingly gorgeous and plays Robin’s less-bright moments nicely) and serious journalist (even though, in these stories, it usually has to be undermined for comedic effect). I have a question, though: what happened to the Wake Up! New York! job? Did she quit offscreen? That’s a bit odd, considering Becky seems poised as a major antagonist for Robin, and that arc feels abandoned. Still, the show might be setting something up here: does Ted meet the Mother at Punchy’s wedding as hinted before, or at Robin’s?

Barney’s plot was vintage Barney, enjoyable but lightweight, though there were some laughs to be had. The real meat, though, was the Lily and Marshall section: the ‘one night’ sequence was the most laughs a sequence has gotten out of me in forever, The whole plot was pretty enjoyable, in fact, from wave to Ted screaming in bible language.

In fact, though we all knew where it was going, Ted’s long rant correcting his friends’ behaviour was immensely satisfying, and funny too. I liked the approach he took with each.

And even if you liked none of the jokes, there’s always…

Merry Christmas!

Craig Gerard & Matthew Zinman

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