DECEMBER 2010 Update

So, we’re almost through the dry run of December, and The Signal’s seen a bit of a slow-down in the past couple of weeks. You might be curious as to what’s coming up…

Here’s a general list of what we’ve got planned for the near future, depending on schedules and whether we want to…

  • Stéphane Lachance, who covered Doctor Who season four over the summer, will be returning with his review of the Christmas special, “A Christmas Carol”, due to air on December 25th.
  • I’ll be reviewing the Christmas episode of Eureka, which I’ve caught up with over the past few months, and may regularly review it when it returns in the new year. The episode aired on December 7, and I’ll be watching it tonight.
  • Rerun Time is still in progress, though it’s been a while since it was updated. I’ve been watching the full series of Day Break and am preparing a seasonal review of that (spoiler) excellent, excellent show in coming weeks. I’ll also be looking at additional episodes of cancelled shows, potentially including The Black Donnellys (episode reviews for 1.01 and 1.02), American Gothic, Karen Sisco, Aliens in America, and Touching Evil, among others. Expect either seasonal reviews or episodic reviews of more on the way!
  • Of my regularly reviewed shows, How I Met Your Mother returns on January 3 with “Bad News”, and Fringe, covered by Stéphane, will return January 21. The season’s done for In Treatment, The Big C and Weeds, for whom my reviews are delayed, but I’ll hopefully be able to dig in and finish those seasons off in the new year.  There’s 7 more episodes left for The Big C, 9 more for “Weeds”, and a whopping 20 left to cover for In Treatment. I’m ahead in my watching for all of these series, so now I’ve got to backtrack a little so the reviews can catch up.
  • We’re waiting on availability for our podcasters, but The Signal should return to SpiritLive in January with all-new episodes.

Business as usual should kick off again in January, when our shows all return from hiatus. In the meantime, enjoy the above and happy holidays from all of us at The Signal!


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