Eureka 4.10, “O Little Town”

Members of the 'Eureka' cast in front of Cafe Diem (l-r): Zane, Allison, Henry, Jo, Jack, Fargo and Grant

In the fall, Eureka took a massive risk, inexorably changing the course of their continuity by tossing their cast back in time, then bringing them back to an altered universe. The experiment worked wonders for the show, giving it new cast dynamics and great complications, as well as adding a good dose of tension to things. “O Little Town” is an island in a months-long gap between 4.09 and 4.11 returning in the spring. Does this Christmas special build on the fantastic start the season had, or does it fizzle away the potential to a boring Christmas mess? A review of the episode, written by Eric Tuchman and directed by Matt Hastings, after the jump:

After a strong pod of episodes exploring their new lives, this special should have been an oasis in the barren wasteland that is television in December. Instead, it’s the show at its worst: treacly instead of genuinely heartwarming, disconnected rather than part of the continuous season, confusing rather than clear, and simplistic rather than at least somewhat complex. It’s also boring as sin.

From what I recall, this is a flashback to ‘last Christmas’… but our Carter (et al) don’t remember last year in this timeline, having not been here, so are we to assume this was a complete fabrication? If so, this becomes much less compelling than it already was. And Chris Parnell‘s comedic talents were largely wasted in an episode that could have used a bit more laughter.

This resembled, if anything, the first half of season one, where I wasn’t sure whether I would stick with the show (and largely viewed from off-to-the-side as my sister watched on the TV). Disappointing Here’s hoping the back half of the season, and the already-announced fifth season, impress a bit more.


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