How I Met Your Mother 6.14, “Last Words”

“How is this fair?” – Marshall Eriksen

The gang at a sombre event...

A review of the episode, written by Carter Bays & Craig Thomas and directed by Pamela Fryman, after the jump.

Sometimes, you really enjoy an episode, and you write a really nice review, and then a glitch in the WordPress software eats the whole thing when you publish it. That’s what happened to my “Last Words” review. And though I’d love to retype it, I have to get up early in the morning, so in brief:

I really enjoyed this episode. It fused the comedy and sadness well, each player got at least one really funny or dramatic moment to shine, and Jason Segel once again showed his fantastic chops as a dramatic and comedic actor. One of the best of the season, I’d say.

What did you think?


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