Fringe, “The Firefly” (3.10)

“Give me the keys and save the girl.” – Peter

Baldie and Company are back as Fringe makes its way to Fridays. Read the review for the first episode of the year after the jump…

How’s Walter?

He’s trying to return to his original intellectual level so that he better fight Walternate. Turns out that might not be in the cards for him as in the end, he figures the Observer, in his roundabout manner, tried to stop him from taking his own potion, that, as Peter had the misfortune of discovering, wasn’t ready yet.

While he can’t help himself, Walter does end up helping his musical idol, Roscoe. The two made a great pairing: despite different backgrounds, they both had to deal with similar hardships. The chemistry between the two of them was great and I’d love to see another episode with Christopher Lloyd as Roscoe.

How’s Olivia and Peter?

Well, there’s work to be done after the mess that was “Marionette.” Things start off badly when the book Peter ordered for Olivia finally arrived at her place… only that the book was requested by Fauxlivia and not her. Ohhhh… Peter tries to explain that the book was still more or less intended for Olivia, so that she could understand how he thinks. This just sends Olivia into passive-aggressive mode as she dismisses this new openness as a product of Fauxlivia. Ughhh… By the end of the episode, however, Olivia saves Peter’s life. I’m not sure if this has done anything to change Olivia’s feelings towards Peter but I’m sure it must have helped at least a bit.

What’s with the Observers?

Telling Walter his mixture was a bit off was just the start of what the Observers were trying to do. The main purpose for their experiment seems to have been to test and see if Walter would be willing to let Peter go and face certain danger… as he apparently might have to do in the future. Despite this news, the really big reveal of the episode is the fact that according to an Observer, Peter is/will become a father. Is there some happy-ever-aftering in Peter and Olivia’s future? Did Peter forget to use protection with Fauxlivia? Is this going to become an inter-dimensional episode of Jerry Springer? I sure hope not for the last two.

Other Observations:

  • Putting the memory mixture in milk? and putting it the fridge? If you didn’t expect a mixup to happen when you saw that, you haven’t been watching enough TV.
  • I wonder if the Firefly reference was added afterwards. Did they film the episode and only after learning of the switch to Fridays, did they change the single scene where the Observer explains to Walter the unforeseen repercussions of their actions just to add the reference?

In Conclusion

A good episode overall. Ironically, however, except for a few choice revelations, not much changed with this episode. Just like in the story, this was just a test run for bigger and harder choices that will arise in the future. That said, the great cooperation between Walter and Roscoe made it worth a lot more.


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