Introducing… Castle!

Castle (CTV – Canada / ABC – US)

What is it?

This crime dramedy follows the adventures of prosperous mystery novelist Richard Castle, suffering from writer’s block after completing a major book series. Looking for a new character to pique his interest, he finds himself assisting Detective Kate Beckett on a series of murders similar to those described in his books. Once the murders are solved Beckett thinks she’s rid of the nuisance she considers Castle to be; unfortunately, she’s had the bad luck of inspiring him. Due to Castle’s close friendship with the mayor, he is afforded the privilege of staying on as Beckett’s unofficial partner, using his well honed mystery writer chops to help solve cases in unconventional ways while also using the experiences as research for his next book.

Who’s in it?

Nathan Fillion, best known for his work as Mal in Firefly, plays the charismatic and well-off writer Richard Castle, while Kate Beckett is played by Stana Katic, who is finding her first leading role in this show, and handling it beautifully. Also featuring Susan Sullivan as Rick’s mother and Molly C. Quinn as his daughter.

Coming soon…

Season 3 just started up again after winter break. I’ll be reviewing the episodes as I watch them.


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