Comedy Night Done Right – First Episodes of 2011 Party Post!

We’re back, with three new episodes of NBC’s Comedy Night Done right!


2.12 – “Asian Population Studies”

The group holds a mixer to decide who will be the newest member of their clique. When everyone champions Annie’s newest love interest, the do-gooder doctor Rich, Jeff resorts to desperate measures to swing the vote against him. Meanwhile, Troy and Pierce divulge some serious news that could jeopardize Shirley’s newly rekindled relationship with her ex-husband.

While I’m glad to see the show return to a solid story arc format (as opposed to the front half of the season, which albeit hilarious consisted of mostly one-off parody episodes), this episode was bland at best. Some serious, life-shattering info about Shirley is revealed publicly and in a very upsetting way, and yet the whole incident is glazed over and washed out in favour of Jeff’s rivalry with Rich. Community has always walked the line between gaggy and heartfelt perfectly for me, but I think they might have called the wrong shot in this particular instance. Disappointing, but I have no doubt that the show will spring back in true form, hopefully by next week.


5.11 – “Mrs. Donaghy”

Jack and Liz discover that they have been accidentally married as a result of Jack hiring an unintelligible minister for his wedding. They both agree to a speedy annulment – until Liz discovers she can use the marriage as leverage against impending budget cuts. Wedding fever also reaches Jenna and Danny who, now forced to share a dressing room, begin bickering like an old married couple.

I think every avid 30 Rock fan has imagined what would happen if Liz and Jack ended up tying the knot. It turned out exactly as I had pictured it – gross, weird, and totally unmanageable for both parties. The Jack and Liz dynamic is definitely not marriage material, and I think this episode was needed to make it totally clear to everyone. But the storyline that wins big this episode is definitely the Jenna-Danny setup. Kenneth trying to keep the peace (and consequently becoming the pair’s surrogate ‘child’ figure) was absolutely hilarious, especially when he drew a family portrait. I’d call this a keystone episode for any huge 30 Rock fan.


7.13 – “Ultimatum”

Michael prepares for Holly’s first day in the office after Christmas break, eagerly waiting to see if Holly’s boyfriend has followed through on the ultimatum and proposed by new year’s eve. When he discovers that Holly is not engaged but still with A.J, he goes on a lengthy public tirade about commitment and attempts to force several coworkers to follow through on their new year’s resolutions.

Holly’s character was adorable way back when she was first introduced, but now I’m finding her to be really pinched and unlikable. This is probably a conscious choice by the show, of course, but it’s disappointing to see the infallibly well-intentioned Michael continually tripping up on a girl that just doesn’t seem worth it. I’ll be really disappointed if they write Michael running off with Holly as Steve Carell’s exit from the show. I’d also really love to see more of the Gabe-Erin-Andy love triangle. All three characters are hilarious, especially when the hopelessly dweeby guys fight over Erin’s affections. I know I’ve said this a few times, but there’s nothing better than beating a VERY dead horse – the show has so many hilariously-great-but-underused characters that need to get some more play time as soon as possible.


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