Fringe, “Reciprocity” (3.11)

In this episode, we learn how Peter holds a grudge. The answer: Badly. Read the review after the jump…

How’s Olivia?

A breakthrough! She seems to have stop holding Peter to account for her issues with Fauxlivia. It’s also clear that she seems to have the same feelings Fauxlivia had for Peter. That’s a good thing… or is it? Well…

How’s Peter?

Becoming an army of one, it seems. Somehow, according to Walter, the machine is seeping bad feelings into him and turning him into his own evil twin (Well, he was the only one on the main cast without one. So, it’s just fair). I’m not sure how plausible (even taking into account that this is Fringe) that is but the bigger question is what does this mean? Is Walternate’s machine not suppose to destroy universes but is only suppose to give someone the will and power to do so? Peter does look a bit crazy-eyed and god-like in the prophecy image. Also, has this emotional “seeping” been happening since his first encounter with pieces of the machine on the Other Side?

Another clear change (be it with Joshua Jackson’s acting or my reaction to it) is the fact Peter’s usual cool demeanour comes off as extremely freaky and cold. Now that Olivia has gotten over her irrational hate towards Peter, now I feel almost like telling her “Run, Olivia, Run! Before he kills you!”

How’s Walter?

He’s still trying to get smarter. There might be some way to help him with some mixture from Massive Dynamic but this episode stalls with results by having Walter huff the potion made for chimps and make him scream like a monkey. It’s a pretty pointless diversions (even if it was funny). I’d like to see something actually come out of this at some point, however.

Other Notes:

  • I knew something weird was going on when Peter came home late but I was shocked when it turned out he was the shapeshifter killer.
  • Walter is always great with the lines: “Don’t worry. I’ve snorted worse.”

In Conclusion

Not the best episode with, once again, one big reveal: Peter is becoming evil. Yes, Olivia finally got out of her rut but with no progress with Walter and not much progress but rather a simple reveal with what’s happening to Peter, this episode felt mostly like a lot of stuff happening with not enough true impact to show for it. Hopefully, the next episode offers more progress as well as action.


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