Friday Night Dinner, “The Sofabed” (1.01)

The central family around the dinner table for a meal.

The Signal sometimes takes a first look at new series, including those across the pond. A review of the new Britcom, written by Robert Popper and directed by Steve Bendelack, after the jump… Advertisements

Fringe, “Subject 13” (3.15)

Fringe goes back in time once again and looks at how the 80s sucked for everyone. Cross the jump to read the review…

Marchlands, “Episode 4” (1.04)

A bag burning in a small fire. Unseen: the bag is being burned by Olive Runcie's mother.

A review of the episode, written by Stephen Greenhorn and directed by James Kent, after the jump…

Fringe, “6B” (3.14)

Yes, I’m half a week late but this is also my week off. So enjoy this review after the jump, you slave drivers…

Marchlands, “Episode 3” (1.03)

In 1987, Mark and Olive discuss the meningitis that led to her deafness.

A review of the third episode of the supernatural character thriller, written by Stephen Greenhorn and directed by James Kent, after the jump…

Castle, “The Final Nail” (3.15)

“You made him up, just like you made up Derek Storm, just like you made up Nikki Heat. He’s a character in a story that you told yourself when you were a homesick, 14-year-old, little boy. And maybe it’s time to let him go.” – Kate Beckett The above quote truly encapsulated this week’s theme, … Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother, “Garbage Island” (6.17)

Ted (Josh Radnor) in 2021, at the airport.

A review of the episode, written by Tom Ruprecht and directed by Michael Shea, after the jump…

Marchlands, “Episode 2” (1.02)

Ruth (Jodie Whittaker) is pained upon being accused of neglectful parenting.

A review of the second episode of this creepy Brit drama, written by Stephen Greenhorn and directed by James Kent, after the jump…

Mad Love, “Fireworks” (1.01)

Kate (Sarah Chalke) stands on the Empire State Building balcony, holding a red phone.

  This midseason, The Signal is trying to review plenty of the new pilots as they come out. A review of the Mad Love pilot, written by Matt Tarses and directed by Pamela Fryman, after the jump…

WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Feb 13-19, 2011

Every week, The Signal will be offering up a Weekly Roundup: a collection of mini-reviews, TV news, interesting links and varying television-related thoughts that weren’t big enough to merit a full post on their own. R. Lackie takes point for this week’s roundup…