Fringe, “Immortality” (3.13)

The last episode defined the rules of the game. This episode completely changes that game. How? Read past the jump to know…

You Are Here: (Apparently I need to bring this back) The Other Side

How’s the case?

Another week full of freakiness. This time it’s with bugs spewing out of people. The culprit is clearly a kind of equivalent to Walter or Walternate in terms of being a mad scientist. That said, I don’t know if he had the same goals as the Walters have. This scientist, as the name of the episode alludes to, wanted to be known through all of history as being the man who, clearly at any costs, cured bird flu. As much fun and as gruesome as this week’s case was, it wasn’t this episode’s main attraction. But before that…

How’s Walternate?

In, I guess, an attempt to make the show’s main bad guy a bit more human, we discover Walternate simply won’t test out the Cortexiphan they made through studying Olivia on kids. This is something Walter, in comparison, has done, and that has been haunting him through Olivia and the popping up of other Cortexiphan subjects. Despite this show of humanity on Walternate’s part, he did go through a number of older test subjects, now turned corpses, before he put his foot down which kind of negates whatever nice-guy points he was trying to win.

How’s Faux…ly Crap…

But now, it’s time to talk about the game changer. I don’t put spoiler alerts in these posts since I pretty much always discuss everything that happens in the past episode but let me make it clear that if you aren’t caught up, what follows will blow your mind:

Fauxlivia is having Peter’s kid.

Ho. Ly. Shit.

Not sure how that happened (Was this week’s “Way to go, you dumb-ass” Peter moment the fact he forgot to put a lid on “it” before going “in”?) but it did indeed happen and not only did it kill Fauxlivia’s fresh, new engagement it also changed a whole lot more.

Last week, I was having trouble dealing with the fact Peter’s choice between Olivias would ultimately determine which universe survives. Not only was the choice between near carbon copies of the same person not too interesting, Fauxlivia and her gang didn’t seem like a group you could really have much sympathy for. The fact that Fauxlivia is going to give birth to Peter’s son changes that entirely (and makes that weird declaration by the Observer make a whole lot more sense). Regardless of how Walternate is trying to destroy Peter’s adoptive universe and even without factoring in the fact that Peter has feelings for Fauxlivia, the question now for Fringe‘s Boy-Who-Lived is now “Will he choose to save Olivia or will he choose to save his son?” That right there is a real moral question that’s worth wondering about.

That said, TV lives in a world where bad never really triumphs over good, at least not “in the end.” Do I think the team behind Fringe would have to balls to destroy “our” universe over the “other” universe? No. Not yet in any case. Do I think they’d even go and destroy the “other” universe and not choose a kind of third option? They might but I have my doubts. That said, they could surprise me and at the very least, the decision will likely tear Peter apart in the same way the decision to smuggle Peter across universes and launch the very situation we’re in tore Walter apart. Regardless of the outcome, the struggle should be worth a watch.

Other Things:

  • Back to Walternate’s machine, his team got the missing piece across while we weren’t looking. I guess at this point, the only thing missing is Peter.
  • Bug Girl reminds me of Abby from NCIS.
  • Again, Astrid and Other Astrid seriously need to be better treated on this show.
  • They couldn’t find anyone better to run Fringe Division?
  • Is that seriously Walternate’s wife, as in Peter’s mom? She looks much younger than Walternate. Is it wife #2? (ed.: or his mistress! Secretary of State, after all…)
  • I’m not sure if it was or was not the best thing regarding this episode’s editing but the combination of realizing that Fauxlivia was pregnant and seeing a bug bursting out of a guy’s neck did make me physically freak out to the point that I gave myself a headache.

In Conclusion

The case? Freaktastic, which is what you want from this show. The larger issues that have come up? Wonderfully shocking and certainly a reason to stay glued to the screen. And so with that, it’s time to ask the question:

Blue or Red? Who survives?


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