Fringe, “6B” (3.14)

Yes, I’m half a week late but this is also my week off. So enjoy this review after the jump, you slave drivers…

You Are Here: This Side (with a glimpse across)

How are Olivia and Peter?

Not much to say. I could blabber on about how things didn’t start well at the beginning of the episode but fact is they got together in the end. Finally! But, as we already know that’s just signals the start of one hell of an emotional tug-of-war for Peter.

How’s Walter?

John Noble being John Noble. In other words, great! It seems Walter (and John) is at his best when he’s worried and panicked.

While we’re talking about Walter: How do you humanize the unhumanizable Walternate? Let Walter do it. In this episode, we see him struggle with an issue Walternate had to deal with as well: using amber to stop cracks in the universe. Walter struggles with its use here and its possible use later on and can feel empathy for his double. While this emotional workaround works, Mr. Noble and the creative team behind Fringe will have to try harder to make Walternate likeable, or at the very least more understandable, all on his own.

How’s the Case?

Freaky – the falling bodies are rather shocking – and sweet. It was really touching to see the woman wanting her husband back (and vice-versa). I also think that this trick of cross-universe longing might get used again. This might be how Fauxlivia and Walternate attempt to tell Peter about the bun in the oven.

In Conclusion

There isn’t much to say about this episode. It has a good case. It has story progression. It has John Noble being great. The only thing that wasn’t there was some kind of big revelation at the end. That certainly isn’t bad since, overall, the episode was Fringe at its best.


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