The Signal is, as of March 7, 2011, a year old. This is rather exciting.

The Signal is, I think, pretty remarkable. A dedicated staff of seven, each doing what they can to keep our signal broadcasting despite holding down full positions at university. A steadily building level of traffic, with a fanbase building as our voices grow in strength. It’s been a pretty good year… and a pretty good first step.

First off, I’m so proud of The Signal – not just my work, but the work of my teammates Stéphane, Sam, Jessica, Megan, Betty and Gaby. When this started, I didn’t know what it would be. Another blogging flop, like half the Internet seems to be made of? A good attempt that would fizzle out due to lack of commitment? It could have fallen prey to either fate, but it didn’t, because we all knew we were – and still are – creating something worthwhile.

Personally, The Signal has changed how I watch television compared to a year ago. It’s forced me to be more casually analytical, allowing me to both enjoy a series and hold a serious opinion about it – such as my frustrated relationship with Glee. Wanting to consume more for The Signal led me to watching Marchlands, which I loved, and which many others clearly did too. It’s gotten me more involved in watching Canadian television, even when it hurts, as anyone who’s read my Living in Your Car or Dan For Mayor reviews can attest. And I’d never done a podcast before we got ourselves set up at SpiritLive, and it’s been a really enjoyable experience.

But this isn’t just a celebration of how far we’ve come – although, over 5300 all-time views is nothing to shake a stick at, in my opinion – but a look at where we’ll go next. Because this signal isn’t going to stop. We won’t be changing anything up in a big way after this one-year mark; we love the look of the site as it is, and if it ain’t broke… that said, while we’re not mixing things up, we move ever forward. Currently, we have four shows on weekly reviews: Fringe, How I Met Your Mother and Castle, while Doctor Who awaits its return to the airwaves. We have, additionally, Weeds and The Big C playing catch-up, and our pilot and limited-run coverage, such as the recent Marchlands reviews. And, of course, we’ve got plenty of feature posts and our Weekly Roundups, and our SpiritLive webcast. It doesn’t stop there.

We’re planning to expand the team and our weekly coverage to keep our signal broadcasting all through the week. Beyond that, I’m looking at expanding our occasional features to semi-regular pieces of editorial analysing television and its shows, so that we aren’t “just another TV review site”. We’re hoping to start looking at more homegrown and international content, just like Marchlands and Doctor Who. And I’ve long planned to start covering some web-only content, such as The Guild or The Legend of Neil. We’ll be looking at taking our podcasts and making them available not just live, but for download.

I’m not necessarily ready to announce any big ventures; after all, those take time and planning, and we’re about to take a big hit when exam season floors our writing staff for a few weeks. But once summer comes, we’ll be able to start really planning the months between now and, yes I’m going to go there, our 2nd birthday.

If you’re interested in writing for The Signal, anywhere from a one-time guest post to a spot on the staff, drop us a line at, and we’ll see what comes next. And if you want to support us… comment! Email us! Get involved, even if it’s just a brief ‘hello’ email to let us know you’re reading. Keep us on our toes.

Until then…

– Bob Lackie, Editor-in-Chief

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