Fringe, “Os” (3.16)

Sorry for the late review. (Insert strained joke about being light-headed.) Alright, let’s finish this so I can watch this week’s episode! (I decided not to, just for you.) Read the review after the break…

You Are Here: On our side

How’s Peter?

We finally go back to Peter murdering the shapeshifters. I’m glad that they didn’t leave that story to rot – it was pretty much the focus of an entire episode. I’m still not seeing the supposed evilness Peter got injected into him by the Machine, however. Despite that, Peter does reveal that he’s been working on the shapeshifter’s memory units with little success to Olivia and, by that fact, revealing he was the one who killed them. Not much in terms of a reaction on her part because soon after, Peter’s new friend (more on that shortly) reveals he has something that can help him.

How’s Walter?

First off: Jorge Garcia and John Noble getting high? Yes!

Walter is trying hard to deal with the problems at hand. This episode’s case makes it clear to him that the physics of this universe are acting illogically and that this time, what happened Over There is very much happening here. Desperate for help, he looks to some of William Bell’s old ideas and finds something called soul magnets that would let people use another body to keep their consciousness when they’re dead. Well…

How’s oh… kay…

It appears William chose Olivia. As this episode ends, we get to see Anna Torv make her best Leonard Nimoy impression as William’s consciousness gets sucked into Olivia. At first, this seems pretty damn silly. Then you remember that the two met in the Twin Towers on the other side, likely at which point William gave her the soul magnets. Plus, this does move along the story for the struggling Walter, searching for help. So, it’s not that silly, after all.

How’s the Case?

I wouldn’t mind learning how they got those people to float: the camera tricks, possible CG and more. Talking about camera tricks, this episode had a lot of crazy scenes: The walk up/down the wall at the start of the episode, the museum heist and chase as well as the gruesome foot slice. Another great scene was the one with the scientist in jail talking to his son. It was no mistake Walter and Peter were there: This scientist was trying to help his son who didn’t want any help, much like Walter and Peter.

In Conclusion

At first, I found this episode to have had a good story but that the big story progress (William taking over Olivia) happened too suddenly at the end of the episode. But when I thought about it more, I realized that a lot of story progression happened throughout the episode: Walter’s search for getting William back, Peter looking for info on the shapeshifters, Olivia and Peter being all luvy-duvy (ugh, but still… progress). Even the case helped reveal something pretty big: this universe is very much in trouble. So ultimately, this was a pretty damn good episode overall.


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