Fringe, “Stowaway” (3.17)

Mr. Bell is back from the grave while someone wishes they could go there. Read the review after the jump…

You Are Here: Our Side

How’s Peter?

How would you like it if you girlfriend suddenly turned into your dad’s dead science partner? Yeah, Peter doesn’t either. Luckily, this week’s case kept him as far away as possible from the lab and William Bell. It also let him help someone who, like him, is an anomaly in the universe.

How’s William?

First and foremost: Anna Torv does a simply brilliant William Bell. It really seems like another character. And it seems that character likes hitting on Astrid, often in less-than-subtle ways. It also appears William did indeed plan his return to the land of the living when he met Olivia. Unfortunately, the plan doesn’t seem to be working too well since, at the end of the episode, Olivia’s and William’s consciousness get shifted a bit and… well… The episode ends. It’s not exactly clear what’s going wrong (beyond the shifting and church bells being the possible cause) and what it implies. I wished they would have elaborated a bit more before ending the episode.

How’s the Case?

We get to meet the “This Side” equivalent of the shmuck who replaced the other Broyles on the Other Side. He’s seems less of a dweeb here, which is good. And there’s a chance we might be seeing more of him, as he has offered his services to Fringe Division.

As for the actual case, we get to see Fringe treat a topic it doesn’t seem to treat too often: religion. This is done with a women who just can’t die on her own, or with others for that matter. She just wants to go to the afterlife and resorts to religion for guidance. She tries to hitch a ride to the other side (The alive/dead other side. You need to specify with this show.) when a bomber reveals his plans for a train before taking his life. Ultimately, she gets rewarded with death when she lets the bomb go off in a field. William thinks her ultimate purpose was to save those people, giving religion – or at the very least, much more vague, spiritual science – the upper hand. He also believes that the same can be said for Peter’s fate with Walternate’s machine. With this and the guy’s soul magnets, William Bell seems to be a real spiritual guy.

In Conclusion

As pleasant as it was to see Anna Torv do Nimoy, little seemed to go on with that story. With the somewhat sudden ending, this episode felt like the first part of a two part story. The case this episode was the real winner with Fringe taking on the soul and religion. That was well done, and I wouldn’t mind them tackling such topics again.


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