Fringe, “Bloodline” (3.18)

Fauxlivia gets on the Express to Babyville, whether she wants to or not. Read the review of this episode of the recently renewed Fringe after the jump…

You Are Here: Over There

How’s Fauxlivia?

Not that good. You aren’t going through the best of days when you discover you have a deadly virus that can kill you and/or your child while pregnant, then get kidnapped, then get your pregnancy accelerated, then go into labour. But don’t worry: A pregnant Fauxlivia is still a bad ass Fauxliva. Not only did she not take their medicine, she was able to kick some ass and take a hostage while full-on baby-belly pregnant. Hell yeah!

Now, you’d think that since they introduced so suddenly in this episode for the first time (to my recollection) a deadly pregnancy virus, either Fauxlivia or Baby Peter – it’s a boy, by the way – would be among this episode’s casualties. But no, they just introduced that for some fake tension (because kidnappings and accelerated pregnancies are for wimpy Fringe episodes). While I’m bitter that that didn’t pan out, who the kidnappers’ boss was sure messed things up in the Over There universe.

How’s Walternate?

So blah, blah, blah… still won’t try out Cortexiphan on kids… Blah, blah, blah… Reveals the Olivia-Fauxlivia switch to Lincoln… blah, blah, blah… Also tells him Olivia’s kid is his grandson… Blah, blah, blah…

Alright, now for the real important stuff. As this episode was winding down, I was feeling cheated since we weren’t going to know who kidnapped Olivia and why they accelerated the pregnancy. It wasn’t clear if they knew about her condition or not, either. And then, just as the episode ends and in the most subtle of ways, we know. It was Walternate. Boom. For some reason or other, that thought never crossed my mind. We were being treated to a kinder Walternate: He was so distraught when he lost Peter in the flashback episode and he still wouldn’t use kids in the Cortexiphan test. But yet… using Fauxlivia? No problem. Whether he knew about the condition or not (since her sister had it, he could have known) or whether he knew the acceleration would ultimately save both Fauxlivia and the kid is still wondrously ambiguous. Was this the only way to save the two of them, or was this Walternate pushing ahead with his plans to get Peter back Over There as fast as possible? We just don’t know. And God, is that such a great feeling. Sometime keeping info like that away can be annoying. But not in this case, because it plays so well into the complete ambiguity of Walternate’s character.

How’s The Dynamic Duo (Trio?)?

Walternate’s little gamble has cost him some loyalty, however. And dare I say, it might have create some true enemies. As they searched for Fauxlivia, Lincoln* and Other Charlie learn about the switch that was done with Olivia and Fauxlivia as well as who the baby’s granddad is. Realizing they were lied to, the two become bitter and start thinking there’s more to Walternate’s cover-up. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start snooping around soon. We also get to see Olivia’s kidnapped cabbie, who was getting worried when she stopped acting like her normal self (in other words, when Fauxlivia came back). This got Fringe Division interested but ultimately, he helped them find Fauxlivia and even helped her deliver the baby. Will we be seeing more of him too? Possibly. I wasn’t even expecting to see him again this time.

*Wait, would Lincoln there be plain old Lincoln and the one on “this” side be Altcoln or Other Lincoln? Or would it be the other way around? Ugh…

In Conclusion

A confusing kidnapping episode saved, if not elevated in importance, by its very final moments. I might feel bad about not liking the episode as it was playing out but the end just threw so many questions and ideas at you that you didn’t have time to ask “Was it good?” You can just think “What does this mean?” and “What happens next?”

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