Fringe, “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide” (3.19)

How would Inception look if you were on LSD? Apparently, like a cartoon. Read the review of Fringe’s most trippy episode yet after the jump…

How’s Peter?

He got his chance to pay his dues. And did he ever pay them! Not only did he guess where Olivia was (a bit too easily, in my opinion), he saw through the decoy she created. I think he’s now out of the doghouse she – unfairly – put him for not spotting the difference between her and Fauxlivia.

How’s Walter?

William Bell gave him the pep talk he needed for moving forward. He told Walter that he now has humility to keep him in check and to help him guide himself through the troubles ahead. But for the time being, he’ll be sulking for the second time he lost his old partner.

How’s Olivia?

This episode offered a decent look into Olivia’s mental workings: How she works and how she lets fear control her. On that front, we seem to have had a breakthrough towards the end of the episode. Whether that will translate into actual change going further remains to be seen. One thing we do know about the future: it seems Olivia knows who will kill her… Yeah, I don’t know what that’s about yet, either.

How’s the Animation?

The real surprise from this episode is having a large portion of it be animated and to have Leonard Nimoy be back in voice rather than simply in spirit (and Anna Torv‘s voice). It was some good animation. I really enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind it be used in other situations like webepisodes. But I’m a bit annoyed that they didn’t choose to have the whole dream world be animated. It’s way too obvious that they threw it in to bring back Nimoy in a different way rather than add to the story.

In Conclusion

This episode was NUTS! Broyes high? Putting Bell into a computer? Zombies? Zeppelins? The Twin Towers? Fortunately, some stories got pushed forward. Now, some might complain that Bell was brought in and taken out way too quickly. I thought that while the storyline was short, his exit helped all three of the lead characters: Peter got to show his worth to Olivia, Walter learned that he has what he needs to deal with the future and Olivia learned to control her fears. Unless they don’t waste these changes, Bell coming back (and leaving) will have been worth it.


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