Case Sensitive, “Episode 2” (1.02)

Charlie Zailers (Olivia Williams) talks on her mobile in front of a broken-down red house.

A review of the conclusion to the two-part crime miniseries, written by Shelagh Stevenson and directed by Charles Martin, after the jump…

So, that was… well, it was about as bizarre as many crime/mystery novel conclusions, so I’m happy to call fair game. Ultimately everything connected up neatly, with plenty of twists, turns an suspense. “Mark” was, in fact, the husband of the woman who ‘moved away’, Geraldine’s neighbour who had issues with motherhood. His family died in a tragic bathroom accident, so he became obsessed with Geraldine to cope, and when that soured, he killed her and her daughter and found a new target. It all adds up.

That said, I was never really that interested in watching the puzzle pieces fall into place. It was an incidental pleasure, but my reason in the beginning and end was Olivia Williams. And though this serial ends with her relationship with Waterhouse ambiguous, and begging for a full series, I deeply enjoyed watching them come to an understanding. I also enjoyed her letting out her inner Adelle for a moment to let her snickering fellow cop have it.

Ultimately, this felt like the characters were more a vehicle for the story than vice versa, but I enjoyed watching our two leads figure out how to work together. They had some nice chemistry, especially in the end there. I think my favourite part of this serial is that even if she isn’t able to take the respect of her colleagues by force, even if she and Waterhouse never really discuss ‘what happened’, even if her boss still looks down on her and her apartment looks like its been ravaged by a tornado… you get the sense that Charlie Zailers is going to be fine. That was a nice moment.

Good stuff. Not terribly compelling, but definitely an alright way to spend a couple of hours. Williams Darren Boyd and Rupert Graves all put in good work. I’d love to see the show back for a full season, perhaps with a longer series story and room to flesh things out. I’m intrigued by what we saw of Zailers… and I’d like more.


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