Doctor Who, “Day of the Moon” (6.02)

If you thought what happened in the premiere could never be topped, you don’t know Moffat. Review and a whole load of analysis of yet another game-changing episode of Doctor Who after the jump…

“I’m dying. But I can fix that.” – The Girl

How’s the Doctor?

I’ll be covering the evil thing he did in this episode later on but for now: Man, does messy hair and a beard not suit him…

How’s Amy?

Oh Amy! It appears her pregnancy might not be just an alien mind trick. That said, even the TARDIS isn’t sure. And the big question is how did a picture of her with a baby turn up in the 60s? Does she give birth in the past? Was “The Girl” there when it happened? Dare I add (and hope against it)… Is she The Girl’s mother?

How’s Rory?

And his balls grew three sizes that day! Although, let’s be honest, they weren’t that big to begin with.

I’m glad that Rory finally started showing some emotion other than complete wimpiness this episode. But despite that, they really need to start actually using the guy and making him do stuff. He’s still within “Mickey” territory. At least Amy’s thoroughly in love with his stupid face. And on a side note (who knows if it will be of any importance moving on), it appears he does – when he wants to – remember his years guarding Amy and the Pandorica.

How’s River?

As always, River bleeds badass-ness. Whether when diving off a building and into the TARDIS’ pool or when mowing down the Silence like she’s on a rocket propelled riding lawn mower and they’re just blades of grass. And we also had what looks like River’s emotional last kiss with the Doctor, and his surprising first with her. Unfortunately, not much about her gets revealed, once again.

How’s the Silence?

When Steven Moffat wants to make a freaky monster, he makes a freaky monster. What’s great about the Silence isn’t even really something about them (even if they indeed do look monstrous). It’s the reaction the characters, and the audience, get when they realize they just encountered one of them… without even realizing it. So. Damn. Freaky!

What I didn’t like about the Silence in this episode is how little we actually learned about them. They were around since forever, subtly controlling our minds, making us go to the Moon to… do what? The most we got is that they wanted a space suit* which I assume isn’t the whole story since that’s rather anti-climactic. I will also assume that despite leaving no hints that they’ll be back, the Silence will indeed return because their sudden appearance and about as sudden departure leaves a lot to be desired in the clarity and explanatory departments. They were hinted at for all of last series/season and poof! They’re all dealt with? No way.

HOLY CRAP! Did that kid just do that?!

Oh my. If your mind didn’t blow up when they killed the Doctor in the last episode, it did at the very end of this one. If it did blow up last time, your remaining chunks of mind just exploded again. It appears our Impossible Astronaut is a little time lord girl. I’m hoping she’s one of two possible things. A) She’s River’s and The Doctor’s kid or B) she’s a regeneration of “The Doctor’s Daughter.” There’s also the previously mentioned option C) it’s actually Amy’s kid but that said, I have my doubts that any amount of time-travel radiation could cause a human to be able to regenerate. I think ‘doing’ a time lord (which Amy hasn’t, despite her efforts) would be required for that to happen. And what exactly do the Silence want with The Girl? Are they protecting her or using her?

And now, once again:

Philosophical Wonderings with

Professor Stéphane De La Chance

It’s time to discuss the Doctor’s sin. I’ve always had a problem with the Tenth’s Doctor nearly ridiculous pacifism. He’d help even the worse of enemies despite the risks of letting them keep on living. Clearly, I can’t say the Eleventh’s Doctor has the same issue. In this episode, he more or less got all of the human race to commit genocide against the Silence for the rest of human existence. While it’s a clear set away from pacifism, it struck me as being out of character. Sur,e I don’t want the Doc to be wimpy and all “I can help you” like Tennant was. But we didn’t really get to see what the Silence were even up to. They were stealthy living among humans for so long and their evil plan had yet to get revealed even to the Doctor and yet he decided to have them mowed down like… wait, I used that one already. Just like his messing around in one man’s past at Christmas, the Doctor appears to have gone over a line this time. The difference between that line crossing and this one is that we already know the Doctor will end up paying with his life. The real question is if his death will be indirectly related to this act of genocide or if killing the Silence just made him sign his own death certificate.

In Conclusion

I don’t think this episode works best on it’s own or even combined with the first episode. The apparent end to the Silence was unsatisfying with it’s lack of payoff and/or lack of clarity regarding their future. Little if anything was added to the last episode’s big reveal: the Doctor’s death. And the episode’s major highlight – the girl’s regeneration – is most likely a series arc that, at this point, creates questions rather than gives answers. And despite that, the episode was still freaky, entertaining and shocking. If you take the two episodes as part of a larger story, they bring up so many wonderful and thrilling possibilities for what’s to come and you just have to keep watching. What’s important now, however, is to get good and fulfilling payoffs and to deliver them effectively and throughout this series. Otherwise, this could turn into a boring, unpleasant mess.


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