UPFRONTS: FOX New Show Preview Reactions

My reactions to the new FOX trailers after the jump…

I Hate My Teenage Daughter
What is it?: Sitcom starring My Name is Earl favourite Jaime Pressly and Wonderfalls standout Katie Finneran as moms of two evil daughters.
My reaction?: This looks awful. Also, it looks like it should be following Reba. Still, the calibre of the lead actresses has me begging its better than it looks.

Terra Nova
What is it?: A very expensive drama about a family from our far future going back into our distant past…
My reaction?: Since it was announced, I’ve been convinced that Terra Nova was doomed. However, this trailer may just change my mind. The show is gorgeous and intriguing, and I’m hoping, too big to fail.

New Girl
What is it?: Sitcom starring Zooey Deschanel.
My reaction?: I love Zooey Deschanel and Max Greenfield, and I see potential in this one. Her quirks, however, are all ridiculously annoying so far; I’m hoping this is more The Big Bang Theory than… well, most new sitcoms.

What is it?: A new JJ Abrams drama about mysterious criminal reappearances.
My reaction?: This looks really strong. In fact, it looks like Fringe with a different premise and cast, but the same structure and approach to stories. As a big Fringe fan, I don’t mind that. However, considering Fringe‘s ratings, we’ll just have to see.

The Finder
What is it?: A Bones spinoff from a guest character in that show’s latest season; a drama about a man who finds people.
My reaction?: There’s potential here for a middle-of-the-road dramas, a nice successor to Bones. I won’t be watching, but I can imagine plenty of others will, especially with the Bones connection.

Napoleon Dynamite
What is it?: An animated series based on the very popular movie.
My reaction?: Not a fan of the movie, but it’s a pre-sold brand, so it should do alright, especially with the original cast back. Not my thing, though.

Allen Gregory
What is it?: An animated show about a kid wise beyond his years.
My reaction?: Potentially a one-note show, or the next Family Guy. Who really knows with the animated sitcoms?


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