Doctor Who, “The Doctor’s Wife” (6.04)

The Doctor finally has a chat with his most faithful companion. Read the review after the jump…

“Fear me, I’ve killed hundreds of time lords.” -House

“Fear me, I’ve killed all of them.” – The Doctor

How’s the Doctor?

Before we talk about what happens to the Doctor, let’s talk about some of the more general revelations that popped up in this episode. First off, the Doctor lets drop that the time lord who he goes off to try to save in this episode regenerated as a man on some occasions… and as a woman on others. This opens the door right open for a female Doctor in the future. Well… assuming that whole dying thing gets dealt with. But there might be hope, since later the TARDIS reveals that she has archived 30 changes to her console room, despite the fact the Doctor has only done about 12 changes… yet. Either he’s going to keep on changing the “desktop” as he calls it and keep on living, or someone else is going to inherit the TARDIS and do so later on.

Now for what happens to him in the episode. It’s certainly not the most joyus of times for him. He falls into a trap made to lure him to a living asteroid existing outside of the universe (how that can be doesn’t really get explained) happy on eating TARDISes. He ends up chatting with the consciousness of his machine and despite their marriage-like bickering, he ends up sad when he needs to let her return to the blue box and presumably never speak with her again. Awwww. I guess the TARDIS was right. Being alive can be sad.

How’s the TARDIS aka Sexy?

If you though the Doctor was quirky and odd, just wait until you hear the thing he rides in talk. Granted, it can’t be easy when when you deal with so many times (and verb tenses) at the same time. I must say, however, that it’s pretty clever that “The Doctor’s Wife” turned out to be his TARDIS. It certainly makes sense. It’s also cute how the TARDIS unlocked herself to steal the Doctor and travel while the Doctor sees it as being the other way around.

In another little tidbit, the TARDIS’ final few words included a message for Rory: “The only water in the forest is the River.” You’ll note that I spelt “River” with a capital R because the changes of the phrase not having to do with River Song strike me as being pretty slim. The Doctor figures the sentence has some future usefulness but this wouldn’t be the first time River found herself in a Forest (of the Dead). I don’t remember hearing the phase before but I don’t remember much at all so that doesn’t mean a whole lot. And who knows, the phrase might not have such a complicated meaning. Remember when someone knocked four times?

How’s Amy and Rory?

Rory probably shouldn’t have offered Amy and him up to House as playthings. Sure it stalled and ultimately helped them avoid their death. But when House plays mind games, he plays for real. And despite having not much to do with the story, the scenes with Amy and Rory running through the demented corridors of the TARDIS were pretty messed up, with the clear winner being the “Kill Amy” sequence. Does it really impact the story? Probably not, except to retread on the fact that Rory waited for Amy while she was in the Pandorica.

How’s the Story?

While most of what happened got covered since most of the story revolves around the Doctor and the TARDIS, a few other elements did stand out:

  • House’s patchwork people were rather funny.
  • Michael Sheen’s House was so damn scary.
  • What a waste of a good Ood. While the last two Ood stories made good use of the obedient buggers, either by having their backstory explained or by having a legion of them get possessed by the Devil (one of my favourite Doctor Who stories, by the way), here there’s just one who goes after Amy and Rory and then eats it. … Sorry, I mean then Amy and Rory eat it since it gets disintegrated in the air.

In Conclusion

A good emotional story. That makes two in a row! And at least this one inches this series’ plot forward and as a bonus drops a few extra hints about the future. I would have wished for a smoother progression with the bigger mysteries but I can’t deny that the episodes that are being delivered are still top quality.


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