Doctor Who, “The Almost People” (3.06)

The battle between humans and gangers heats up and one last mind-numbing revelation before the mid-series finale happens. Read the review of this two-parter conclusion after the jump…

“Well, my death arrives I suppose.” -The Doctor’s ganger

“But this one, we’re not invited to.” -The Doctor

How are The Doctor and Mr Smith?

It seems The Doctor made use of his new found ganger to see how he would get treated were he a ganger. The answer is badly. Although, because of this, you might want to rewatch the episode just to see what the Doctor did, when you thought he was the Doctor Ganger doing at the time…

For example, the Doctor got real pushy with Rory when the Gangers were keeping him captive. While he was just stalling for time until Adam’s holo-call came through, he did seem to have seriously freaked Rory. In another case, the Doctor Classic seems to have a much more violent reaction when he processes the thoughts of the Flesh than even his Ganger, oddly enough. He even attacks Amy! Was it just for show?

And more importantly, in that very conversation, Amy decided to reveal to who she thought was the ganger that she saw the Doctor die and since they switched… It seems this unknown mistake on Amy’s part is how the Doctor ultimately discovers his untimely death.

How’s Amy … DUN Dun dun! Amy Ganger!

And now for the real shocker of the episode: Amy has really been Amy Ganger the whole time (I assume at least since the beginning of this series or around then) and Amy Classic is not only being held captive by the very eye-patch lady who’s been popping up until now but she’s also is very much pregnant, with the ganger feeling her contractions. What more, despite his attempts at ganger-human co-habitation, the Doctor opts to liquify Amy Ganger at the end of the episode. Now the way things looked, it seemed like Amy Ganger was still in “Remote mode” and Amy Classic was controlling her every move. And the Doctor was talking about killing the link, so the flesh might not be “dead”, per se, but just no longer imitating Amy. What’s more, I think the Doctor might know who this eye-patched lady is. He did realize that Amy was being kept by her. And finally a quick theory: Who else was getting some weird stomach pains in the premiere? River. Bun in the oven and ganger on the run, too?

How’s Rory?

Now, he kind of botches his plan for being a hero when Jen’s ganger (and her ganger ganger) trick him in sending the humans to their death. But it’s still the thought that counts. Plus, I do hope he takes the Doctor to task for what he did to Amy Ganger… at least after he works off the shock of realizing she was a ganger in the first place.

How’s the Story?

A great story, even beyond the main characters’ shenanigans. The plot with Jimmy, his ganger and his (their?) son’s birthday was really touching. And Jen’s ganger going off the rocker was pretty freaky, first psychologically and then straghit up physically as she “grew” into a monster by the end of the episode. Oh and I loved Raquel Cassidy‘s Cleaves (and Cleaves Ganger). She makes a fun, witty and smart boss.

In Conclusion

This is how Doctor Who should have been all series. While maybe not as revelation packed as this episode, it should have delivered bits of info regarding the main series plot while still delivering a solid standalone tale. That and Rory should have been as good as he was in this two-parter all along.


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