Eureka, “Glimpse” (4.13)

Zane (Niall Matter) stands in Cafe Diem's doorway, surrounded by an explosion.

A review of the episode, written by Ed Fowler and directed by Michael Robinson, after the jump… Advertisements

Weeds, “Game-Played” (7.03)

Nancy, in a horrifying and garish dress.

A review of the new season’s third episode, written by Victoria Morrow and directed by Scott Ellis, after the jump…


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Eureka, “Reprise” (4.12)

Dr. Holly Marten (Felicia Day) looks at the FTL drive.

A review of the episode, written by Amy Berg and directed by Matt Hastings, after the jump…

Blackstone, “Future? What Future?” (1.01)

The Blackstone logo

A review of the Showcase drama’s pilot, written by Gil E. Cardinal and directed by Ron E. Scott, after the jump…

Eureka, “Liftoff” (4.11)

Zane (Niall Matter) and Fargo (Neil Grayston) in the spaceship.

A review of the 4.5 premiere, written by Jaime Paglia and Bruce Miller and directed by Mike Rohl, after the jump…

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Almost Heroes, “Terry and Peter vs. the Law” (1.06)

The cast of Almost Heroes.

A review of the Canadian comedy’s sixth episode, written by Dan Redican & Kyle Muir and directed by  Shawn Alex Thompson, after the jump…

Almost Heroes, “Terry and Peter vs. Their Hero” (1.05)

Bernie and Capt. Cannon share a romantic moment.

A review of the Canadian comedy’s fifth episode, written by Laurie Elliot and directed by Graeme Lynch, after the jump…