Eureka, “Omega Girls” (4.15)

Carter (Colin Ferguson), Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) and a picnic.

A review of the latest episode, written by Eric Wallace & Jaime Paglia and directed by Salli Richardson-Whitfield, after the jump…

Zoe and Jo to the rescue!

Besides a major plot hole that bugged me the entire episode*,this was a lot of fun. Jordan Hinson exited the regular cast this year when Zoe went to college, but the show has made full use of every time they’ve brought her back. She was central to her portions of “The Story of O2” (4.04), where she and her father spent a whole plot alone together; she was central to “Stoned” (4.7), and now she and Jo (Erica Cerra) are the centre of this episode. A show where Jo and Zoe, alone, have to save Eureka is a great idea, and this episode had a lot of fun with it.

* Zane should have been awake. As someone who under no circumstances was allowed to go to Titan, there’s no logical reason he should have gotten the inoculation. Furthermore, if Beverley were able to push Zane (who couldn’t go) into taking it, there’s no way she would have let Jo get away with not getting the shot. I have to wonder if an earlier draft had Zoe and Zane running around together to save everyone.

We also don’t have to wait until the end of the season for resolution to the Beverley Barlow Mannequin Act, as Carter forces her hand here. I love that the show, which refused to ‘out’ Allison last week after teasing us with Allison coming so close, uses that as the step to the secret being discovered the next week instead of dragging it out. And they enjoyed playing with Allsion-as-Beverley, giving us an extended sequence of ‘Allison’ on the phone with her mother and dropping hints all over the place, while seeding the secret that would help defeat her later: Beverley’s crucial lack of knowledge about Jenna. Of course, seeing as Jenna belongs to this universe, there’s the distinct possibility that even real Allison wouldn’t know the right date, but Zoe wouldn’t know that.

I’ve been an outspoken fan of the Jo/Zane plot, and this episode centres again on that delicious plot strand, hooking back into concepts hinted at before: how do two lovers with different experiences of their relationship figure it out (with Zane consulting Henry over his marriage to Grace), and how to explain behaviours that are the result of not belonging to this time ( la Kevin asking Carter why he didn’t ask before pursing a relationship with Allison back in “Momstrosity” [4.06]). Though Zoe takes this a little seriously, considering she and Zane weren’t even dating, it was interesting seeing a twosome with such baggage forced to defend Eureka alone.

And this was en episode of the small moments of brilliance: Carter’s excitement at being able to text successfully, Zane knowing exactly how to hack the infirmary, Fargo not wanting to give up his seat at GD. Salli Richardson-Whitfield, putting on the director’s hat for the first time, milks these moments wonderfully. My favourite scene in the whole episode has to be her back-and-forth with Carter at the prison. This was a great episode for her, with her both showing a steady hand at directing and getting to play Beverley posing as Allison (a lot of fun), plain old Beverley, and as herself.

A solid episode. Very curious as to what this episode might have looked like with the more logical Zane-and-Zoe combo, but I liked the exploration of the girls’ friendship here probably more than rehashing a relationship that never happened. All in all, another check in the win column.


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