Doctor Who, “Let’s Kill Hitler” (6.08)

Doctor Who is back and we get to see when Melody met the Doctor… and killed him. Read past the jump for more…

“What are you doing here?” – Nazi pointing a gun.

“Well, I was on my way to this gay gypsy bar mitzvah for the disabled when I thought ‘Gosh, the Third Reich’s a bit rubbish. I think I’ll kill the Fuhrer.’ Who’s with me?” – Melody

How’s Mels, Melody, River?

We learn that Melody was masquerading as Amy and Rory’s childhood friend, Mels. She even kind of got her own parents together. And got  into trouble often. And had a massive grudge against the Doctor not doing what he could to repair history’s greatest wrongs. Which is understandable since she’s been trained by The Silence who are, as we’re told, not a species but a religious group. There’s stuff about some question and whatnot. I’m sure this’ll be part of later episodes. That also explains why Eye-Patch Lady and “The Species Formerly Known As The Silence” seem to be working for the same cause. They were training her for one reason: to kill the Doctor. I figure she probably found Amy and Rory mostly to get to the Doctor. Whatever love she has for her parents seems to be limited to giving them a warning before she goes off on a rampage. And man, does she ever. She straight up insane! And in that great, kind of hot and naughty way that Alex Kingston plays River, too. It’s pretty great to see.

On that note, we get to see Melody become River in more ways than one. First off, we see her regenerate into her Alex Kingston version and discover that she was indeed that little girl we saw regenerate in “Day of the Moon”. After successfully offing the Doctor with a deadly poison that stops him from regenerating, Amy reveals to Melody that this “River” person that the Doctor seems to care about a lot is actually her. This, as well as the Doctor’s tenacity at saving Amy and Rory despite his own death and her shock that she can control the TARDIS, gives her a change of heart. She decides to sacrifice all her remaining regenerations to save him, making clear her own personal timeline: There’s the girl in the astronaut uniform Melody, then there’s Mels, then there’s Alex Kingston’s River. Not sure about before Mels and River but, short of timey-whimey-ness or the Doctor donating back some regenerations, Alex Kingston’s River is definitely the last River we’ll see.

How’s The Doctor?

Another thing that we knew all along but saw in action is the fact that Melody/River and the Doctor are evenly matched mentally and in regards to reflexes. We get this epic scene where Melody and the Doctor outsmart each other in attempting to kill or avoid being killed. The Doctor gets undone only when she resorts to kissing him with poison. Ah, Love! The only warfare, as Melody notes, the Doctor is no expert at.

Another great scene reminding us of the mistakes the Doctor makes is when he tries to find a good holographic voice interface for the TARDIS after he shut the main system off. He gets served with versions of Rose, Martha and Donna and refuses to talk to them, feeling too much guilt for all the stuff he put them through. We also discover that the Doctor gets really bitter when he’s dying: he tell off Melody for being a woman, holographic Amelia for being Scottish and the Teselector (the human-shaped ship) as Amy for being a “big ginge.” He can get real bitter and mad. I was actually surprised by some of it.

Also, as for what the Doctor whispered to River on his death bed, my money is on his real name, since we know she knows it.

How’s Amy and Rory?

It’s official. Rory is now a full time badass. Sure he’s constantly anxious but you don’t punch Hitler and Heil-slap ( © Stéphane Lachance 2011. All Rights Reserved.) a Nazi unless you’re committed to being a badass all the time. He also delivers a few funny lines when they get trapped in the Amy Teselector. Amy also shows her Doctor-eque brilliance when she uses the sonic screwdriver in a high-stakes tactic to save Melody from her punishment from the Teselector. If they both keep doing stuff like this for the rest of the season, I’ll be very happy.

How’s TEAM TIME JUSTICE! (as I will call them)

A group of time traveling human justice seekers are traveling in a human shaped ship to take care of the past’s greatest criminals. I’d say that, just like the Doctor, I sure didn’t see that coming. It’s weird (and gives me bad reminders of the movie Meet Dave) but the execution is decent and it does make Doctor Who sense despite seeming odd. They aim to kill Hitler but fail thanks to a TARDIS crash landing. They opt to go for one of time’s greatest criminals: Melody Pond, the woman who kills the Doctor. So we know she does kill him and does it back in America, when we saw it happen at the start of the season. Actually, you know what, these guys are pretty much exposition machines. We learn that River did indeed kill the Doctor, that she works for The Silence, that they aren’t just one species and that his death is a fixed point in time all from them. Yes, yes, I was whining all of the first part of the season that we weren’t learning anything and now I’m whining that we’re learning too much. I would have just liked some of this to be revealed in a more equal manner and from more than one source.

Also, why don’t these guys try to take out the Doctor as well. River went on about him becoming this feared warrior in “A Good Man Goes to War.” You’d think with all the stuff he pulled or made others do, he’d count as a bad guy in TEAM TIME JUSTICE’s eyes.

In Conclusion

Funny, action packed, a bit odd but fun to watch. While Moffat seems to have dumped a bit too much info on one episode, it still is great to learn more about River and the Doctor. Not to mention see them meet for the first time. And have their first fight. And nearly kill each other. Wow, these guys are going to need to pay a fortune for couple’s counseling in the future.


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